2020 was a unique year. You may have missed some goals, and that’s okay! 2021 is going to be YOUR YEAR. And we’re going to help make it that way with these CRM Tips for 2021.

Whether you are using LionDesk, your own CRM, or are not even using a CRM yet, these tips will help you dominate your goals and make 2021 your most profitable year yet.

Best CRM Tips:

  1. Create Meaningful Communication. People want to connect, it’s in our nature. Make sure that the communication you have with your leads is meaningful to them, not just to serve your goals. Provide value and they will come to you.
  2. Try Something New. Get out of your comfort zone! If you sent print flyers only, try a social campaign. If you only wait for referrals, give cold calling a try. You won’t know what works for you until you try it all.
  3. Advertise Through Facebook. Facebook Advertising is a huge opportunity to generate target leads. It doesn’t have to be scary or difficult. Here are our top tips.
  4. Keep Your System Organized. Have some down time right now? Use it to tidy up your system. The more organized you are, the better and more segmented your communication can be.
  5. TEXT TEXT TEXT. We cannot stress this enough, if you’re not using your CRM System to Text clients and prospects, you’re leaving money on the table. They have a 209% higher response rate than phone, email, or Facebook. Learn More.
  6. Use Imagery In Your Marketing. Imagery can help tell a better story and enhance your sales! Check out these tips.
  7. Send Instantaneous Confirmation Messages. Whether it’s via text or email, you should set up an autoresponder to send someone communication as soon as they submit something. Whether it’s an incoming text or a confirmation email from a form being filled, the faster you respond, the more trust you’ll build! Be sure to automate this where you can.
  8. Don’t Be Afraid to Get Personal. You need to be able to connect with your audience like a human. There’s a fine line between professionalism and becoming a robot. Be yourself. At the end of the day, it’s you they’re buying.
  9. End Everything with a CTA. CTAs or Calls to Action are the actions you want your lead to take. Finish an email with the action you want them to take and how to take it, such as “Call to Book today” – The same goes for blog posts, flyers, anything.
  10. Automate. If you’re not using automation, you are not utilizing your CRM system. It takes 13+ touches to close a sale, and if you’re doing that manually for each lead, you’re not using your time efficiently. Here’s how.
  11. Set KPIs and Keep Yourself Accountable! How often have you set an annual goal and then forgotten to check in on your own progress? Set a weekly or monthly reminder to check in on and note your progress. Hold yourself and your team accountable!
  12. Nurture Your Leads. Lead collection is extremely important, but lead nurturing is what brings those leads to a sale. Don’t forget to follow up!
  13. Don’t be Camera Shy. Video is an important part of connecting with your audience, especially now that face-to-face is limited. Create engaging videos, these tips will help.
  14. Measure, and act on it. Pay attention to your reporting. Do you know where most of your clients are coming from? Do you know where ad spend or time is best utilized? It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and forget to measure. If you’re tracking and not making decisions based on the data, what’s the point?
  15. Make Sure your Emails get Delivered. Email deliverability is not sexy, but it’s crucial. If you’re sending emails and they’re going to spam, what’s the point really? Here are some email deliverability tips! Hint: It’s easier than you think!
  16. Give AI a Try. Artificial Intelligence sounds cool, but also complicated. It doesn’t have to be! You can use AI in your business to act as an assistant and move conversations forward. Here’s how.
  17. Prioritize Your Mental Health. Ok, so this isn’t a CRM tip exactly, but if you put your health first, you will be able to be more organized, agile, and creative. Don’t forget it.
  18. Log In at Least 1X a Month. And once a month is the very least you should be logging in! The most powerful CRM is the one you use, so use it!
  19. Don’t Forget Birthdays! Any excuse to reach out keeps you top of mind, if you store important information such as birthday and anniversaries and set task reminders to reach out, you’ll keep building those personal connections.
  20. Use Text-2-Sell Shortcodes. While you’re on the texting train, utilize Text-2-Sell Shortcodes! These will help you with speed to lead engagement, and to stand out from your competition.
  21. Set System Gut Check Days. We get so busy that it’s easy to forget to check in on your own system. Is that email still sending? Are people unsubscribing? Put one hour on your calendar one day a month to check in on your CRM system to make sure everything is working as it should.

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Ready to dominate? Go out there and put these tips into play to make 2021 your BEST YEAR yet!   

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