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Create Facebook Ads

Become a lean, mean, lead generating machine with LionDesk's Facebook Ad Portal. Create ads and connect audience lists in minutes all within your account. No landing page necessary!

Set Task Reminders

Close leads faster by finally organizing your entire business within one system so you'll never forget an important name, anniversary, event, or task.

Send Video Texts

Your database is a goldmine and the money is in the follow up. Nurture leads through personalized communication, like video texts and emails, that build trust and keeps you top of mind.

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Facebook Advertising

Gone are the days of spending hours creating Facebook Ads. With our Ad Portal you get pre-built ad templates, MLS listings, ability to directly connect your audience lists, and option to seamlessly feed leads into your CRM that connect to an AI automated follow up campaign. It's never been easier to generate leads.

3rd Party Lead Imports

Eliminate leads falling through the cracks by having to go into several systems to import leads. Ensure speed to lead through direct connections that flow all the way into an automatic nurture campaign while you're focused on other tasks. Make your systems work FOR YOU by connecting them all to your CRM.


Be the smartest person in your area by using short codes on your marketing flyers, sign riders and more to easily generate leads via text message marketing.

Team Distribution

Create the ultimate lead management system by setting up team distribution for all shared leads. Speed to lead ensures an increase in conversions.

Get More Leads
Video Email & Video Texting

Put your best face forward, literally. Sending a video to someone creates an instant connection and builds trust. It also increases the chance of someone opening your message and replying to you to 95%.

Power Dialer

Ring, ring, ring. No one's there? Ugh. Let the power dialer do the heavy lifting for you. Single and triple lines available. Reach more people in less time.

Contact Filtering

Where are my sellers at? Quickly identify hot leads and send them a targeted message. A quick search shows you sellers considering a move in the next month or those who purchased more than 5 years ago.

Have Better Conversations
Transaction Management

Keep the communication flowing and the project organized throughout the entire transaction process. Your clients, partners and boss will be incredibly impressed with you.

Performance Reporting

Know who is opening your emails, responding to your texts, and where your new contacts are coming from. Tracking and measuring your sales and marketing activities directly correlates to how quickly your business grows. Know what's working and what isn't and put your energy and resources behind what is affecting your bottom line.

Email Newsletters

Build trust, nurture your cold leads, and stay top of mind with Email Newsletters. You can segment your audience based on interest, or where they are in their sales cycle. Once they're ready to buy, you'll be the first person they think of.

Shared Campaign Templates

Don't reinvent the wheel. Use email and texts that are already written and scheduled out for you. Just update to your own voice (or not) and add your email signature. Boom, done!

Close More Deals
Scheduled Emails & Texts

Connect each contact to your best nurture campaign (or choose from 100s shared inside the community) to ensure automatic follow up. Let the system nurture your leads for you so they come to you ready to purchase!

Bulk Emails & Texts

Communicate with one or many of your contacts with the click of a button. Send targeted and effective marketing communication in minutes, and sit back and wait for the responses to come in.

3rd Party Integrations

Connect all your business systems to LionDesk to eliminate the need of logging into different systems to gather important information. With all contact information in one system you will be the master of organization and follow up.

Task Reminders

Just like Facebook reminds you of friend's birthdays, LionDesk reminds you of an important call to Susie or John who you promised you'd circle back with in two weeks, or send a happy anniversary note to The Hunts, or check that your incoming leads from Facebook are being nurtured. Really anything you need a reminder on.

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