Imagine a day without having to qualify new leads. Now imagine several days.

With all that extra time, you could spend more time in face-to-face meetings, have dinner with your family, or just take a break, without having to worry about qualifying.

There’s a simple solution to achieving this: artificial intelligence technology.

In this blog post, we will show you how several sales professionals are saving time, increasing lead conversion, and seeing fast results with minimal effort.

The Best Personal Assistant for Real Estate Agents

Jon Ciardella is a Realtor with RE/MAX in Denver, Colorado. He enjoys spending time with his family, good music, and providing his clients 10-star service.

You know what he doesn’t like? 

Being chained to his devices all day responding to unqualified leads.

Before discovering the advantages of artificial intelligence technology, he was overwhelmed trying to keep up with the stream of incoming leads that he was receiving from Zillow, Facebook, and his website.

Jon considered several options for handling these incoming leads.

Solution 1: Responding to Every Lead Yourself

First, he tried to response to each incoming lead himself. He found that he would get back to as many as he could whenever he found the time. There was no real system in place, so by addressing them when he could, many would fall through the cracks and by the time he reached some leads, they had already moved on.

Solution 2: Hiring an Outside Agency to Respond to Leads

Since responding to each lead himself was both time consuming and ineffective, he hired an outside agency. This solved the problem of responsiveness, but the costs weren’t adding up.

Then, he finally found Gabby.

Solution 3: Using Artificial Intelligence to Respond to Leads

Gabby is a very realistic and highly responsive artificial intelligence, created specifically for the real estate and mortgage industry. She’s an added feature for LionDesk users, and everyone who uses her is raving about the results she’s getting for them.

We’ll explain how she works and how to get it for yourself, but first, check out this real example of a conversation exchange between a new lead into Jon’s account and Gabby:

A conversation between a real estate agent's new lead and LionDesk's LeadAsisst tool.

In the example above she recognizes that the person is not feeling great about the loan amount they were approved for. Instead of going directly into the next qualifying question she shows empathy by saying “Buying a home is a big life decision.” Wow!

In another example, Gabby acknowledges that the person she is talking to is relocating because their fiancé is about to start a new position.

A conversation between a new lead and LionDesk's Lead Assist part one.
A conversation between a new lead and LionDesk's Lead Assist part two.
A conversation between a new lead and LionDesk's Lead Assist part three.

Gabby is more advanced than any AI out there in the real estate industry and continues to learn every day.

She’s able to pick up key words such as marriage, divorce, veteran and more, allowing her to answer with a more personalized response. Ultimately, she’s able to do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

How LionDesk’s Gabby Works 

Gabby, or Lead Assist as it’s called inside the system, is available to all LionDesk users with a custom number. 

You choose which lead sources for her to respond to. 

For example, when you connect her to Facebook leads, she automatically starts a conversation with every lead coming in. Then she continues following up with the lead for 12 months if they are unresponsive.

Think about that, 12 months of follow up texts to all incoming leads. How many times have you completed a personal text follow up at that depth with that many leads? 

When a lead does respond, she automatically engages a conversation and asks qualifying information such as:

  • How many beds/baths?
  • When do you want to make a move?
  • Are you pre-approved?
  • Are you working with an agent?

The best part? All of this key information is stored directly in your LionDesk account.

At any time, you can simply “mute” Gabby and take over the conversation. 

You can also name your personal assistant whatever you want! 

Still have more questions about how Gabby (Lead Assist)?

Learn more here.

With the help of Gabby, professionals like Jon are closing deals faster including a $1.4 million dollar listing appointment, all while saving time to spend it on whatever they want. 

Here’s some more success stories:

Testimonial quote about how Gabby (Lead Assist) was able to help them close a deal.
A testimonial quote about how Gabby (LeadAssist) helped a LionDesk user save time qualifying a lead.

If you’re already a LionDesk user and want to add Gabby to your account, see how to set it up here

If you’re not a LionDesk user yet, you can access this exclusive feature by starting a Pro+ account here.