Custom Landing Pages

NEW! Easily create high converting landing pages from pre-built templates that capture leads and deliver them directly into your LionDesk account for follow up automation.

  Transaction Management

Enter your properties and track your closings. Automate your tasks, manage deadlines and don't let anything slip through the cracks.

  Video Email & Video Texting

The only CRM with integrated Video Emails and Video Texting. Utilize one on one videos, within drips and mass emails.

  Texting Manager

Managing your texting activity is easy with a comprehensive view of all your contact conversations.

  Scheduled Emails

Save all of your sales and marketing emails and send to your clients instantly, or put them on a future scheduled campaign.

  Contact Management

Easily manage all types of lead sources, buyers, sellers, hot or cold clients and more by adding an unlimited number of tags to each client.

  Lead Distribution

Take all the leads yourself, or distribute them to a team based on their performance or the ZipCode of the request.

  3rd Party Lead Imports

Take your existing lead sources (Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, etc) and send them to LionDesk for an instant response to your client.

  Enhanced Drip Campaigns

Manage your automated drip campaigns easily with LionDesk.

  Auto Responders

Send automated emails to every one of your leads and track your conversions.

  Track Email Results

Know exactly which prospects are most interested in what you're selling with tracking notifications. Know who opens and clicks on your emails.

  Power Dialer

Speed through your call lists quickly and efficiently, and capture all the activity right into your contact records as it happens.

  Click to Call

Save time by clicking instead of dialing and track all of your inbound and outbound calls and text messages.

  Task Management

Forget worrying about who you should be calling next, because LionDesk will even call you to remind you.

  Text 2 Sell

Use a personalized local area code number and create "Short Codes" to highlight on sign riders, flyers and more.

  SubAccount Management

View enhanced reports on leads, create master Drip Campaigns to push to your subaccount users and have a global view of all deals, properties and contacts in your office.

  Direct Mail

Access to professionally designed and customizable digital and print resources.

  Pre-Built Email Campaigns

Access to 100s of complete drip campaigns including copy, schedule and audience segmentation.

  3rd Party Integrations

Your most important tools and best in class companies - all accessible at one hub.

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