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Includes limited
contact communications

- 15 texts
- 5 video texts
- 150 emails
- 5 Lead Assist

- Advanced contact filtering
- Task management
- Email click/open tracking
- Inbound lead creation/parsing
- Custom contact fields

Overage pricing Free trial does not grant access to overage pricing after initial credit has been expended.





or $250 billed annually

All standard features, plus...

Monthly credits
- 1000 emails (inc. video emails)
- 15 texts

- Video emails
- Bulk texting
- Bulk email
- Single pipeline for transaction management
- Pre-built drip campaigns
- Group webinar training

Overage Pricing
Email $2 per 1000 Text $5 per 100 Video Text $7 per 100 Lead Assist / AI Followup $15 per 5
(Custom Number Required for all texting - $5/mo)




or $499 billed annually

All Starter features, plus...

More monthly credits
- 5,000 emails (inc. video emails)
- 1000 texts
- 100 video texts

- Custom LionDesk number for texting
- Video texting
- Bulk campaigns
- Text-2-Sell short codes
- White label email domain
- Sub-account management for admins
- Multiple transaction pipeline management

Overage Pricing
Email $1.50 per 1000
Text $3 per 100
Video Text $5 per 100
Lead Assist / AI follow up $12.50 per 5





or $999 billed annually

All Pro+ features, plus...

More monthly credits
- 15,000 emails (inc. video emails)
- 3000 texts
- 300 video texts

- Valet contact import (up to 10,000)
- 3rd party integration setup
- Priority support
- 1:1 Training

Overage Pricing
Email$1 per 1000
Text$2 per 100
Video Text$2 per 100
Lead Assist / AI follow up $11.50 per 5

Enterprise Custom Pricing

We offer custom pricing to our enterprise clients. Contact us for more information.


  A.I. Lead Followup

AI-powered ISA, has real conversations with leads via text​ for up to 12 months to nurture and qualify.

  Transaction Management

Enter your properties and track your closings. Automate your tasks, manage deadlines and don't let anything slip through the cracks.

  Video Email & Video Texting

The only CRM with integrated Video Emails and Video Texting. Utilize one on one videos, within drips and mass emails/texting.

  Texting Manager

Managing your texting activity is easy with a comprehensive view of all your contact conversations.

  Scheduled Emails & Texts

Save all of your sales and marketing emails and send to your clients instantly, or put them on a future scheduled campaign.

  Contact Management

Easily manage all types of lead sources, buyers, sellers, hot or cold clients and more by adding an unlimited number of tags to each client.

  Lead Distribution

Take all the leads yourself, or distribute them to a team based on their performance or the ZipCode of the request.

  3rd Party Lead Imports

Take your existing lead sources (Zillow, Trulia,, etc) and send them to LionDesk for an instant response to your client.

  Enhanced Drip Campaigns

Manage your automated drip campaings easily with LionDesk. Don't just email, with LionDesk, your campaigns can include automated texts messages and phone calls.

  Auto Responders

Send automated emails, texts, and calls to every one of your leads and track your conversions.

  Track Email Results

Know exactly which prospects are most interested in what you're selling with tracking notifications. Know who opens and clicks on your emails.

  Power Dialer

Speed through your call lists quickly and efficiently, and capture all the activity right into your contact records as it happens. (Pricing from $59/mo.)

  Click to Call

Save time by clicking instead of dialing and track all of your inbound and outbound calls and text messages.

  Task Management

Forget worrying about who you should be calling next, because LionDesk will even call you to remind you.

  Text 2 Sell

Use a personalized local area code number and create "Short Codes" to highlight on sign riders, flyers and more.

  SubAccount Management

View enhanced reports on leads, create master Drip Campaigns to push to your subaccount users and have a global view of all deals, properties and contacts in your office.

  Direct Mail

Access to professionally designed and customizable digital and print resources.

  Pre-Built Email & Text Campaigns

Access to 100s of complete drip campaigns including copy, schedule and audience segmentation.

  3rd Party Integrations

Your most important tools and best in class companies - all accessible at one hub.


Carol Escobar - Photo

Carol Escobar

"LionDesk has changed my business! My follow up is phenomenal and my realtor partners know it. My campaigns make it easy and streamlined to stay in touch. To get them on the phone, to follow up on paperwork, reminders like do's and dont's during the mortgage process, pre approved buyer, past client and mortgage checkup keeps me on point and top of mind. The daily activity email reminds to call. Don't get me started on the mass video text and video email! I don't even know what I was doing before! There's no way to manage a big pipeline without this! Too many similar names and clients to keep up! LionDesk is a must!"

Rob Arrietta - Photo

Rob Arrietta

"I choose LionDesk over all others because it was easy to use & I was up and running right out of the box."

Mary Anglin - Photo

Mary Anglin

"I love the bulk mailing & texting features; the ability to make a phone call from the system & record notes during the call. Everything in one place, easily visible and easy to use."

Danny Fredericks - Photo

Danny Fredericks

"Being able to manage emails, text and leads all in one dashboard is just amazing."

Kris & Kim Darney - Photo

Kris & Kim Darney

"I'm able to juggle emails, phone calls, direct marketing, mailings and text messaging. It's a true turnkey suite at my fingertips."

Rachele Evers - Photo

Rachele Evers

"Looking at my deals daily helps me keep track of what needs to be done and is a great visual of my funnel and having my contacts exist in a way that I can communicate with them - beats the heck out of a spreadsheet (which is what I have been using!)."

Bill Christman - Photo

Bill Christman

"My favorite feature is text drip campaigns as well as having my leads and other sources being touched on a consistent basis which has enabled clients to stay in contact."

Tommy Mutchler - Photo

Tommy Mutchler

"Bulk texting is my favorite feature! Being able to send 100+ Zillow leads a relevant text all with one click is a game changer."

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