2022 CRM Tips

How was your 2021? Times can definitely still be defined as “unprecedented” – so if you hit your goals, fantastic! If not, there’s always this year, and we can help you get there!

Whether you are using LionDesk, your own CRM, or are not even using a CRM yet, these tips will help you dominate your goals and make 2022 your most profitable year yet.

Top CRM/LionDesk Tips:

  1. Get creative! Are you mass texting your leads and clients? Are you using video within text to build a personal connection? Stand out from the competition and give it a go!
  2. Follow up. How much money are you leaving on the table by not following up? And if you are following up, are you doing so effectively? Check out our tips on how to follow up with leads and clients effectively
  3. Organization is a MUST. It’s the difference between a good business and a GREAT business. Here are our tips for staying organized.
  4. Get opt-ins for your marketing! Whether it’s text or email, you need to have permission before sending mass emails or texts. If you’re new to texting, make sure you get Text Message Opt Ins first, here are tips on why it’s important (and required!)
  5. Send Instantaneous Confirmation Messages. Whether it’s via text or email, you should set up an autoresponder to send someone communication as soon as they submit something. Whether it’s an incoming text or a confirmation email from a form being filled, the faster you respond, the more trust you’ll build! Be sure to automate this where you can. 
  6. Follow up, but don’t be overbearing. Check out our tips on Following Up Without Being a Total Stalker (we promise, it’s hilarious as well as helpful!)
  7. Try something new! How about TikTok For Real Estate Agents? We have your tips right here! 
  8. If TikTok feels too new-agey for you, try out Instagram Reels for Real Estate Marketing! We have tips for that as well, and some inspirational ideas!
  9. Whatever social media platform you use, make sure to find your niche!
  10. Build your own landing pages. If you’re not using landing pages to attract and capture leads, you might be missing out on a ton of qualified clients. Check out our Landing Page Best Practices to get started. 
  11.  Make sure you get full use out of your LionDesk system. One of our best but often looked over features is Text2Sell Shortcodes, which is incredible for lead generation. Learn more here. 
  12.  Lean on the experts. For example, we heard from expert Hoss Pratt on how to turn LionDesk into a lead gen machine. Check it out. 
  13.  Keep it professional. Avoid these common unprofessional mistakes real estate agents make.  
  14. Protect your time. It’s your most valuable asset. Is there something you’re doing that’s repetitive? Outsource it with technology or a hire. 
  15.  One repetitive task you shouldn’t be doing is cold calling and waiting on the line for people to pick up. Did you know a Power Dialer can do that instead, calling up to three people at a time, and only connecting you with real, live people? Learn more. 
  16.  Another repetitive task is having the same conversations over and over. Assistants are expensive, but we know one who isn’t. Her name is Gabby and she’s LionDesk artificial intelligence, but your leads and clients won’t know that! Check it out. 
  17.  Not all contacts are created equal, and they shouldn’t all get the same messaging. Filter your contacts to create key filtered groups inside your CRM to stay top of mind.
  18.  Is this the year to grow your team? Whether you already have a team or are considering growing it, you’ll love these four tips to grow a real estate team
  19.  Don’t give up on old leads! Follow up on your cold leads to turn them into warm prospects (here’s how). 
  20.  If you’re going to use technology, make it the best. Learn why LionDesk was voted the #1 CRM
  21.  Master the system you’re using. Here are training resources to help you master LionDesk. 
  22.  Whatever your goals: Start today. The best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago, the second best time is today. Don’t let anything get in your way, whatever your goals and aspirations, make today that day. 

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