How To Follow Up With Clients Effectively

Following up is how you stay relevant, provide additional information, and establish a long-term relationship. If you talk to someone once and then ask for a favor three months later, your chances of success are slim.

You’re creating a long-term relationship with someone if you communicate with them once every few weeks or once a month, even if it’s just to say hello and wish them well.

The Money is in the Follow Up!


Here are a few tips from the LionDesk Crew on how to follow up with your prospects without annoying them.

Engaging via text or email

Marni, our Director of Marketing:⁣
⁣If you’re trying to get someone to engage with you via text or email.

  • Speak from the heart⁣
  • ⁣Keep it natural⁣
  • Keep it simple⁣
  • Lead with value (for them!)⁣

Utilize a pop up reminder for yourself

Randy, our Director of Business Development, offers some excellent advice on how the REAL Money is made in the follow-up, and how a pop up calendar reminder will keep you accountable for following up at the right time!

Keep all communication in one place

Here are some recommendations from Jen Kelly, our Director of Client Success, to help you stay top of mind! There are so many methods of communication available that it’s hard to stay organized with when and who to follow up with. Jen recommends using a CRM system to compile all of your communication channels into one single customer profile!

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Bonus Follow Up Tips!

3 Ways to Help You Master Your Follow-Up

1. Be Patient

Never share something that isn’t valuable.

Pro Tip: Share Value!

2. Be Spontaneous

Whether it’s a text, call, a message on Facebook or LinkedIn, follow up when you’re thinking about them

Pro Tip: Shoot them a text!

3. Focus on them

Everyone likes talking about themselves, so keep the focus where it belongs: on them!

Pro Tip: Talk about your clients!

Bottom Line!

The problem is that most sales pros spend so much time on lead generation when the fact of the matter is that the Real Money is in Lead Nurturing. Because… if you’re not staying top-of-mind with your clients… SOMEONE ELSE IS.

If you need help with follow up, our free guide is a great place to start:

This guide includes:

  • 10 Touch Follow Up Plan including Email and Text Scripts
  • 6 Top Texting Tips to Master Your Texting Game
  • 5 Video Ideas to Conquer Your Follow Up

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