How Using LionDesk Shortcodes Will Help Generate More Leads!

Did you know LionDesk Shortcodes Text-2-Sell is a great way to easily generate leads through online and offline efforts including sign riders, print ads, and more!

In this post, we are sharing 2 professional views that will take you through the process of creating and using your own custom shortcodes to help generate more leads!

Why are LionDesk Shortcodes great for Lead Generation?

Not only do you get the person’s information automatically added to your CRM, you create a texting relationship that in today’s world of sales and marketing is the ultimate form of communication.

Quick Tip: If you’re a real estate agent, imagine how huge this would be for your lead generation by putting shortcodes on your open house sign. When an interested person texts “hello to 123-456-789 ” they automatically get the flyer for that home AND YOU GET a new hot lead!!

In any other scenario, that person would drive by, check Zillow, grab the flyer from the box and you would be none the wiser. on Shortcodes

Watch this 1 min video review from and the benefits of using shortcodes.

LionDesk Demo

Watch this quick 1 min video demo on a live example of how to use and shortcodes.

Learn How to Create Text-2-Sell Short Codes

Note: This requires a Custom LionDesk Number (available in Pro+, Elite, or can be purchased ad hoc with Starter)

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