How to find your niche on social media

Typically, the most successful real estate agents aren’t jacks of all trades. There’s a specialty or a niche they have. When you become an expert in a specific area, you are better positioned to serve customers seeking your specific knowledge and have a valuable tool for marketing your services.

Join Jessica Shaw & Tiffany Billman as they walk you through a step-by-step tip guide to finding a niche that’s both profitable and something you can feel passionate about.

5 Tips to execute your niche strategy

1. Find what platform works for you

  • Social Media is not one size fits all
  • You do NOT need to be active on all platforms
  • Your content should be different on each platform.
    • This can be time-consuming or you can get a virtual assistant
  • Post on outlets you enjoy!
    • It will be easier to stay on brand

2. Create a plan

  • Make a grid to follow, have a series, campaigns, etc.
  • Schedule outposts
    • Make a plan to set aside an allotted amount of time every week to upload new content.
      • Later, planoly, hootsuite
  • Make a budget
    • Virtual Assistant, photography, paid campaigns, videography, contests

3. Consistency is Key

  • Social Media does NOT give instant gratification
  • Record videos of homes & post them later

4. Be Intentional

  • Set specific time aside to like, comment, save, and share
    • It is easy to get caught up in the mindless scrolling
    • When you comment – be intentional write engaging comments
  • Support others in your industry or local businesses

5. Perform Audits

  • What is working? What isn’t working?
    • Did your YouTube video about what to do during the winter in your area get a ton of views – well that works do more
    • Are your posts just sold or just listed not driving any traffic? – maybe that isn’t working time to change
  • Algorithms are always changing so you should be too
  • Do research on what other agents are doing. What is trending right now?
  • Make sure it’s staying on-brand at all times

Tiffany Billman’s Real Estate Approach on Social Media

Tiffany Billman's business instagram profile

Now we know real estate agents have many regulations and rules so make sure you are sticking to those guidelines but you also want to be able to differentiate yourself from everyone else.


  • Who you want to be in this industry
    • Evaluate your passions and skills
    • Dog lover, funny, handy tips, local expert, luxury – or maybe a little of 1 or 2
  • Figure out if there’s a market for your niche
    • Research hashtags, competition, etc.
  • Stick to your branding
    • Don’t be distracted by the shiny new color or another agent who is doing amazing, keep on being who you are on that platform.

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