When it comes to choosing a CRM this popular saying is absolutely true…

“The Best CRM is the one you use!”

When it comes down to choosing a system that you’re going to have for the life of your business you really want to look at cost, features and benefits.

When it comes to cost, LionDesk is the most affordable CRM in the industry.

And, if you’re looking for an overall comparison of LionDesk versus other CRM’s here’s an article that a user posted. This is completely unedited as he breaks down the benefits in his own words.

When it comes to features there’s a few we highly recommend as must-haves for a CRM that’s going to take your business to the next level while saving you time and money.

LionDesk’s Top Money Making Features

Below we break down 4 of the most raved about features LionDesk offers.

Texting has proven to show a 98% open rate!

A text message without LionDesk is plain and simple. But a text message with LionDesk can include a video that you either uploaded or recorded directly in the system.

What makes this feature really stand out is the fact that the video plays directly in the text meaning the viewer doesn’t have to click a link to view your video.

You can also include videos in your email and text drip campaigns so they go out automatically to new leads letting them know you’ll be following up shortly with a call.

Communicating with video is a great way to instantly build rapport, show your personality and stand out from everyone else. Click here to learn more about using video in your marketing.

How many tech tools are you using for your sales and marketing efforts?

Maybe 6 different tools and paid media channels.

Do you have to log into them separately?

Do they all talk to each other?

That’s the power of integrations.

LionDesk is an open API which simply means any tech tool can integrate with us.

At a minimum you should have all your online leads going automatically into your CRM as well as your website and any other tools that are part of the customer journey from contact to close.

Then you’ll have a full view of the entire journey in one system.

What happens when a lead comes in and your with a client?

If you have your CRM set up properly they should receive an immediate text or email from you letting them know you’ll follow up.

But what happens when you have 10 leads coming in each day and the days pile up.

How are you going to keep up?

That’s where Lead Assist comes in.

Nicknamed “Gabby” Lead Assist is AI that engages in a “real” conversation with your leads gathering all the info you or an ISA would normally get and puts it directly in your CRM.

Gabby will follow up 26 times before giving up.

Can you say the same is true for yourself or your ISA?

The feedback has been outstanding for this feature and at only $3/lead it’s a no brainer. Click here to learn how to save time qualifying leads with AI.

Do you ever get writer’s block?

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with what to say and when to send it to the different audience segments in your database?

As a LionDesk user you already have access to pre-built campaigns.

But what makes this community even better are the 100’s of shared campaigns from users.

The best campaigns are the ones that combine text/email/call.

In the shared library you can find campaigns for all different industries and scenarios including past clients, new leads from Facebook, holiday templates and more.

The LionDesk pride rules!

These are just some of the features users rave about. If you’re a LionDesk user hopefully you are taking full advantage of these features the enhancements being made all the time.

If you’re not a LionDesk user yet and would like to get a free trial click below.