Real Estate Entrepreneur

Everyone ALWAYS wants to find new ways to close more loans or sales in their market.

Well, let’s learn from our recent Instagram #TAKEOVERTUESDAY guest, Ruben Garcias. Ruben Garcia is a top real estate business owner who is focused on building a real estate empire.  

Watch all the stories from his Instagram Takeover Tuesday and see how Ruben share how to Be a Real Estate Mogul & Entrepreneur!

Here are his Top 5 Tips for Growing a Real Estate Business!

#1 Have a Morning Routine

Ruben follows a formula he calls CVETT

C: Check your CALENDAR. This tells you exactly what you need to do for the day. If it’s not scheduled it doesn’t exist.

V: Check your VOICEMAIL. Create tasks for any calls you need to return.

E: Check your EMAIL. Look for replies and opportunities

T: Check your TEXTS. Make sure everything going out is set up and ready to go

T: Check your TASKS: Give yourself 2 hours at least to review and execute on tasks.

#2 Hold Yourself Accountable  

Share your daily goals with an accountability partner. Ruben shares his with his social media audience. For example, outlining that he has 6 appointments, 2 coaching calls, and 1 investment opportunity on the calendar for the day. This is also a great way to connect with your social audience, giving them perspective into who you are and what you do.

#3 Manage Your Contacts

Every time you get a new contact do these three things.

  1. Add them to your LionDesk database
  2. Add notes so you know what you want to follow up with the person about
  3. Add follow-up tasks so you remember to follow up with them.
  4. Measure results: how many people are you reaching out to and how many appointments are you setting. The goal of marketing is SET APPOINTMENTS

#4 All the Money is in the Followup

On average you should be reaching out to contacts for about 1-2 hours a day. Ruben and his team usually do about 50-70 follow up attempts a day. Here’s how Ruben follows up with NEW leads:

  1. 7 days of pain: Reach out every day for the first 7 days using different communication methods – email, text, call. His primary  method is TEXTING with LionDesk
  2. After contact is made add them to another campaign that keeps you top of mind.
  3. Focus on your area of expertise. For Ruben, the three areas of expertise he focuses on are his Airbnb business, buying/selling homes, and recruiting talent to his team.


Ruben and his team almost exclusively use Texting as their communication channel to reach new clients, stay in contact with past clients, and communicate with potential new team members.

LionDesk has multiple texting features including:

– Personalized Bulk Texting: send texts to a group of people at once that includes personalization like name, property address, etc.

– Texting Campaigns: add texts to automatic drip campaigns that send to contacts based on the schedule you set

– Text2Sell: share a shortcode texting number that automatically delivers a response while easily generating leads into your database

AI lead follow up: connect leads to a lead assist campaign and let the AI take care of all the follow up for you. 26 texting attempts within one year for unresponsive leads. Real conversations. Mute at any point to take over the conversation. Powerful results!

Click here for Texting Tips!

PRO TIP:  Find ways to create more time in your day so you can focus most on building your empire. For Ruben that includes preparing his lunch before the day starts and eating the same thing for every day.

If you’re not a LionDesk user, try it free for 30 days just click on the link below to grow your business like Ruben.

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