Lauren Queen

Everyone ALWAYS wants to find new ways to EASILY maximize your database to GENERATE more leads. But you can’t do that without leadership and database adoption!

Well, let’s learn from our recent Instagram #TAKEOVERTUESDAY guest, Lauren Queen. Lauren has been a producing realtor for 5 years, and currently The Director of Platforms on the Pinnacle Team @ Realty Group the fastest growing Independent Brokerage in Minnesota. She specializes in CRM Team Management with an 80% LionDesk team adoption rate.  

Her main focus in LionDesk is database management, integrations, automizations, and ISA. ⁣

In her Instagram Takeover Lauren Shares How to be a Kick A$$ Team Leader in 5 Steps: 

Here are her Top 5 Tips to be a Kick A$$ Team Leader! 


Your CRM and marketing tools are only as strong as the data you’ve got in them. If you have poor quality data in your databases, you’re guaranteed to fail in your sales and marketing initiatives. Your customer data is the most valuable asset your business has.


Using a LionDesk custom number is a great way to boost client confidence by sending texts and video texts from a local number. In addition, the custom numbers unlock the Text-2-Sell feature which is a great tool to help generate leads, capture contact info, and more!


Ensure qualified leads schedule with your sales and marketing teams. Avoid risking drop-offs and capture prospects at the height of their interest using Calendly.


Upload, store, and organize your files and documents within LionDesk. You can create as many folders as you want to keep your files separate. Documents can be used for Client Presentations, Listing Details, Flyers, PDFs, and MORE!!


Stay organized and have clear communication across your team with LionDesk! You can create teams with other LionDesk users to share contact information and create task reminders for important events. Work as a team and close deals with LionDesk.

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LionDesk Tips

PRO TIP:  Find ways to get more organized and have your CRM do all the following up for you so that you can use your extra time generating NEW LEADS! For Lauren, it was organized her database and getting a LionDesk Custom Number to be able to send follow up texts to all her clients and reach them all at once.

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If you’re not a LionDesk user, try it free for 30 days just click on the link below to be a Kick A$$ Team Leader in your business like Lauren.

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