LionDesk is an extremely exciting system. Because of that, we’ve found that a lot of our users skip right “to the cool stuff” and bypass some of the very important account basics. 

That’s why we’re starting our refresher series, so you can ensure that you’re all set on the building blocks before diving in, and maybe even learn something new that you didn’t know about LionDesk! 

How to add an image to your email signature in LionDesk

Adding an an image to your email signature helps people connect with you better, and can oftentimes remind people of who you are if it’s been a while. If your email signature already has your picture, you’re in good shape! If not, here’s how to quickly implement it

Add an image to your email signature 

How to turn off your LionDesk Daily Email

LionDesk Daily emails are great. They give you a daily update of what’s been accomplished in your system. For some, it’s an important benchmark and reminder to follow up on tasks, but others have their own methods and may not want to receive a daily email, especially since the default of these daily emails is “on.” 

If that’s you, this is how to turn the daily email on or off in your LionDesk system. 

Turn On or Off your daily email

How to update your email address in LionDesk

This is less of a building block and more of a maintenance piece. There are many reasons you may need to update your email address. Perhaps you’ve changed jobs, your company name has changed, or maybe you just got married and your surname has changed. 

Whatever the reason may be, if you need to update your email signature, it’s best to do it as quickly as possible so you don’t miss important responses to your LionDesk emails. Here’s how:

Update your email address

How to change your password in LionDesk

While changing your email may be a rarity, changing your password should not be. It’s important to change your password every 30-90 days, and to have it be a unique password. When’s the last time you changed your password? If you don’t remember, consider this your friendly reminder to change your password today. Here’s how:

Change your password 

How to Delete Contacts in LionDesk

While we all know that leads are money, sometimes you just need to clean house. Whether you want to delete leads because they’re mistakes, junk, or old information, you’ll need to know how to properly delete them.

Keep in mind, a lead not being qualified may not be a reason to delete. We recommend you continue to nurture them, as their qualification status could change with time. If you’re sure the leads are junk, here’s how to delete them. 

Delete contacts

How did you fare in the Account Management basics?

So how did you do? Did you score five out of five on the Account Management basics? If so, you’re already ahead of the game. If not, look into these today, and we’re glad you learned something quick and new about your LionDesk system!

Quick How to Links

  1. Add an image to your email signature 
  2. Update your email address
  3. Turn your daily email on or off
  4. Change your password 
  5. Delete contacts