How to generate leads online

As a real estate agent or sales professional, you’re already well aware of the power of the internet.

Leads aren’t coming in the old way anymore and the truth is that most old marketing strategies are ineffective and just plain uncomfortable.  Let’s help you say peace out to door knocking and cold calling forever (if you want to of course).

How to leverage online marketing to bring in new leads

With all the options available we will dive into how can you generate online leads, while efficiently driving more traffic and getting more clients in 2021?

Watch this quick clip on how you can leverage online market to bring in NEW leads to your business. 

Here’s are 3 ways you can leverage the online market to bring in NEW leads to your business.

1. VIDEO MARKETINGAll roads lead to video

Video marketing is blowing up and taking over other forms of communication online.  It is the best way to warm up prospects FAST so that they can get to know you.

Most of your competition is not doing this so you will stand out.

Most agents, loan officers & sales professionals are using video to promote their services, listings, sold homes (boring) this is content leads don’t want to hear over and over.  You need to use video to add value to your prospecting leads.  You should view yourself as a local community expert (you know best). Create engaging videos, these tips will help.

PRO TIP: Get started by recording a video directly in your LionDesk Account. Go to Videos.

Video Marketing Tips

2. SOCIAL MEDIALeverage leads with collaborations

Start using social media the way it was meant to be used.

Think about who already has your leads in their audience and how you can collaborate with them. Remember: If you provide the value they will come to you.

Collaboration: Join forces with another company to work on a campaign, and share the rewards.

Cross-promotion: You and another company agree to promote each other’s products and services to your respective audiences.

Content placement: You and another company agree to periodically share each other’s content with your respective audiences.

PRO TIP: Don’t forget to post to your social media! We recommend setting a task within your LionDesk account to set up a reminder for you to reach out and work with others on social, and follow up! Go to Tasks.

Social Media Tips

3. FACEBOOK ADSBecome a Lean, Mean, Lead Generating Machine!!

Getting new customers is critical to growing any business. And nurturing relationships with people who express interest in your business increases the likelihood of converting them into a paying customer.

Lead ads are an easy way to reach the people who are likely to be interested in your business on Facebook and Instagram and turn their interest into action. When people click on a lead ad, they’ll see a form that’s already filled out with information they’ve previously shared on Facebook, like their name, phone number, or email.

GONE ARE THE DAYS where you can stop spending hours creating Facebook ads that don’t produce results! Here are our top tips for creating Facebook ads.

LionDesk recently launched a new feature called Facebook Ad Portal that gives you the power to generate leads using proven ad templates and custom audiences directly from inside the platform.  

PRO TIP: Generate leads using proven ad templates and custom audiences directly from inside the platform within LionDesk Ad Portal. Go to Ad Portal.

Facebook Ad Tips


Learn to make the shift from YOU to THEM. Post content that your ideal client cares about.  This can be on your favorite platform Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.  Wherever your ideal clients are hanging out. The main key is that you have to show up and provide value-centered around topics that YOUR ideal client wants right now!

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Ready to generate more quality leads online? Go out there and put these tips into play to make 2021 your BEST YEAR yet! 

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