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In 2019, the average individual spent 84 minutes watching videos every day now imagine what’s in store for 2021!

Source: Zenith Media

It was predicted to rise to 100 minutes a day but the number estimated was made before the global pandemic, so you can imagine we hit it a lot sooner.

As a sales professional, you are missing out if you’re not making the most of this medium, especially with 88% of video marketers reporting that video gives them a positive ROI.

Video is the quickest way to build trust. Whether you’re reaching out to a long-time client or a new lead, sending a personalized video is sure to get a positive response.

Let’s see how Video Marketing has helped long time user Karin Carr increase her exposure as she shares with us her ultimate video guide and tips you want to apply to your 2021 Marketing strategy.


Step 1Create a video on LionDesk:

Create YouTube or social media Videos to drive leads to your website where leads can download a guide for seller, buyer etc., to exchange information in order to get. PRO TIP: Then those leads can go into LionDesk…and that’s where the magic happens!

Step 2 Distribute the website on social media to drive leads to your website:

Create a video and upload onto LionDesk or record it from the LionDesk mobile app.

Step 3Capture leads and put them into LionDesk:

Send a follow-up campaign with a Video Embedded in it to your new clients . PRO TIP: You can make it generic to send to 100’s or specific for one specific client!

Step 4Follow up with an email or text campaign:

Continue to nurture your new leads Via Text or Email to build trust. PRO TIP: All your new leads have not meet you in person yet and this will break the barrier and help them get to know you!

Want a quick cheat sheet of Karin’s 4 Easy Steps?

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Ready to increase leads by 88%?

Go out there and put these tips into play to make 2021 your BEST YEAR yet!   

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