Online Lead Generation Tips

If you’re a real estate, mortgage, or small business professional, we don’t doubt that you’ve heard all about the marketing headache of lead generation, or “lead gen.”

Lead generation is important for any successful business. Real Estate Agent Mike Banks helps you find the best way to start implementing your marketing strategy when targeting all your online inbound leads. He dives into all the needy greedy tips of what works and what doesn’t!

How to Increase Online Leads

Watch his video and learn his tips and tricks on how you can increase your online leads in 2021:


1:25 – 6:50 Online Leads Examples and Pain Points

9:50 – 14:45 Why others say online leads generations don’t work!

14:50- 27:50 4 steps to converting an online lead

29:00-38:46 Advertising Tips

39:44 – 40:16 You have all the tools to fire Zillow!

43:52- 50:45 Facebook Ad spend Tips

1:00:09- 1:03:15 Close the deal with a seller prospect

Nurture Your Leads

Just remember relevant marketing and content are key to generating potential leads that will later become your loyal customers. It can either start by nurturing anonymous visitors and converting them into potential leads or directly begin with lead nurturing.

Seller Campaign Ad Tips

Mike Banks shares the strategy he uses on Seller Campaigns that is a twist from your typical Home Evaluation campaign techniques and TEASER it’s not only brilliant but WORKS!

🛑 Seller Campaign Content Tips!

  • Headline Example: Are you thinking of selling your home in 2020!  (It’s Key to use the word YOU- make it about them)
  • Content: You’re probably wondering what is it like to sell a home during a pandemic and you’re probably like most of my clients wondering what is my home worth & what is it you will do to SELL IT!
  • CALL TO ACTION– Send me a message below and I will give you all the information you will need.

PRO TIP: Following up 12 times manually can seem like an impossible task, but with a good CRM set up properly you will win every time by playing the nurturing game of knowing who your audience is, speed to lead, segmentation, consistent follow-up, and multi-channel approach.

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