Close more real estate sales

You have the leads. Now it’s time to turn them into closings.  

Last month, we talked about the importance of consistent communication when it comes to finding new leads and turning them into clients. Now, we’re going to do a bit of a continuation on that topic—because the same idea goes for maintaining your client relationship when a property is chosen, the transaction gets worked through, and the closing process starts.  

When your goal is to close more sales, making sure that you nurture your clients throughout the closing process is key. This is also what helps to ensure a smooth experience for your clients, which will heighten the chances that the door stays open for repeat business in the future. After all, a strong agent–client relationship is arguably just as valuable as a new lead.  

To help, we’ve gathered three ways you can guide your clients through all the forms, details, and more forms they’ll need to go through while their deal gets closed, using LionDesk’s handy text and video messaging features.  

Method #1: Send an explanation of the closing process  

Real Estate Instructions

There’s a lot that goes on during the closing process: Agent–client meetings, home inspection appointments, and home insurance purchases are just the main big-ticket to-dos.  

With all these tasks to navigate, sending explanations can help immensely—especially for first time homebuyers or clients who might be prone to stress. But there’s no need to do things old-school when we have the latest tech in our hands. Use texts for short explanations, and videos for longer ones that require visuals like screen recordings.  You can be really efficient here if you use Templates, and re-use the same video that you can pre-save right in your LionDesk system!

But before everything else, explain the closing process at the beginning, so your clients know what to expect and feel informed and in the loop about their purchase.

Long after the deal is done, it’s not the details that they’ll remember—it’s the feelings of confidence and control that you helped to provide.  

Method #2: Send a reminder  

Closing Reminder

Sending reminders can be super helpful. With all the things to do that we mentioned earlier, it only makes sense to help keep your clients on top of things by sending text or video reminders.  

Whether it’s for reviewing home insurance options or signing final contracts, text reminders will do wonders. Use LionDesk’s texting feature to prompt your clients when needed and keep the transaction going steadily toward its close.   

Method #3: Send a personalized thank you  

Thank You

Finally, when everything is said, done, signed, and sealed, remember to send a thank you through text or video.  

Videos especially are a great way of communicating your gratitude and celebrating this final milestone in the transaction and closing process. They’ll help you to leave a positive, memorable impression overall. Besides all that, they’re fun and may come as a welcome surprise too!  

Ending the sale on a high note  

Closings mark the end of an intense, life-changing time period in your clients’ lives. There’s magic in that. As an agent, doing what you can to make this process as simple as possible is an act that your clients will appreciate long after the papers are signed.  

Just like how a good first impression is crucial for setting the tone of a new lead-turned-client relationship, leaving a great last impression is just as important in terms of strengthening that relationship and business.  

After all, clients who remember you fondly will be the first to seek you out next time, when they’re ready to buy or sell once again.