Halloween Real Estate

Halloween is right around the corner.

Do you know what your costume will be this year?

If so, we have a fun little game for you. Here’s what your Halloween costume says about your staging style!

If your costume is Barbie


You’re bright, fun, and true to yourself. You like pink tones and tend to sell to strong, independent women (Psst, so smart!)

According to a recent Census report, “Single women own about 2.64 million more homes than single men in the 50 states. Single women own about 10.76 million homes, while single men own about 8.12 million. Put another way, single women own an average of 12.90% of the owner-occupied homes in the 50 states, versus 10.06% among single men.” – HI BARBIE! 

However, that’s not to say you don’t know how to sell to a Mojo Dojo Casa House male Ken audience. You’re Barbie after all! Your appeal knows no gender.

If your costume is the new Little Mermaid


Your style is modern with an ode to antiques and original fixtures. You’re not afraid to modernize, but know a good thing when you see it. You tend to appeal to families and lovers of the classics.

We live for the balance.

If your costume is Wednesday Addams


You’re not afraid to get spooky with your decor. Original, unapologetic, and a total badass. 

Your uniqueness and authenticity draw in an eclectic, but loyal market. You make people feel comfortable being themselves, which builds a strong relationship and sense of loyalty, so rock on you little weirdo.

If your costume is The Bear


You’re kitchen-centric, and recognize that for many, the kitchen is the heart of the home, and you put the focus there accordingly.

You might be a little intense, but you’re committed to details and artistry, which is ultimately what resonates with prospective buyers and separates you from other sellers in your market. If Real Estate offered Michelin Stars for service, you’d have at least one.

If your costume is a ghost in a sheet


Listen, we love you, but chances are you don’t always put in 100% of your effort. If something is amiss in the house you’re staging, you probably just brush it under the rug. Hey, to each their own! In this market, you have to move quickly, sometimes the details just aren’t worth the effort.

Or maybe you’re just an avant-garde Swiftie, which brings me to the next costume…

If your costume is Taylor Swift from the Eras Tour


You GET IT. You’re with the times, know what’s hot and trendy, and I want to be your best friend.

Some people may call it basic, but there’s so much to choose from. Besides, basic is just another word for popular, and things are popular for a reason, right? You can still make the whole place SHIMMER, so keep shining, you diamond!

Happy Halloween!

Hope you enjoyed our fun post, have a happy and safe Halloween! Love, your friends at LionDesk.