Listing Leads

As this year’s summer selling season ramps up, you may be wondering:

How do I get more leads from listings for my agent business?  

In today’s market, complete with limited supply and high competition between brokerages and agents alike, finding leads to help grow your business isn’t as easy or clear-cut as it once was. But you can simplify the process with software that works with you—like a solid CRM.  

LionDesk CRM has been designed to do exactly that. Here are three easy steps to help you get more listing leads for your funnel this summer and beyond.  

Step 1: Reach new audiences through advertising.  

Any CRM worth its salt will have built-in advertising tools and integrations, right within the platform. These tools can help you reach new seller audiences who are also looking for you—an agent to help them sell, sell, sell.  

Built-in advertising tools include top-class ad generators that you can use to create your own branded ads. This way, you can make sure your ad campaigns portray your agent business accurately, the way you want it.  

To add to them, LionDesk offers integrations with Boost, Cloud CMA, and other lead generation software, all so you can reach more potential clients where they’re at and maintain a solid, reliable online presence in the process.  

Learn more about digital ads here.

Step 2: Connect with your leads.  

Once you’ve filled your funnel with fresh new leads, it’s time to connect with them. From the old days to now, the tried-and-true method remains to be a classic phone call. That’s why, along with email and text campaigns, LionDesk offers a unique PowerDialer feature.  

Use this feature, with single- or multi-line options, to reach as many new leads as possible in as little time as possible. With the PowerDialer, you can:  

  • Connect to up to four times more leads  
  • Make up to 10 times more appointments  

You can also save time when cold-calling potential leads or, more importantly, stay on top of your follow-ups.  

Learn More about Power Dialer and why you should use one in your business here.

Step 3: Nurture and retain.  

Once you capture listing leads and connect with them, it’s time to convert them into clients. It’s important to be able to keep all your client communications—at any and every stage of the agent–client relationship—on one platform, so you have a dedicated space and bird’s-eye overview of everything going on when nurturing your connections.  

Keep all your information on every potential client on file in this space—which often takes the form of a CRM. That way, you can stay organized and in the loop about your roster of current sellers, and conversely, your buyers, too.  

When you can see where all your listing leads are in the nurture process, you can keep them engaged more easily with automated, pre-built marketing campaigns that match their selling profiles and save time.  

In the end, flexibility is a virtue  

When it all comes down to it, a strong CRM should have all the tools you need to find, connect with, and nurture new leads into long-lasting clients for your business.  

Flexibility is a virtue, especially in real estate. After all, this industry is cyclic: Finding seller leads means finding potential buyers next, and since buyers become sellers and vice versa, it helps to have a tool that keeps track for you. Keeping all your clients in one space in your CRM will make for an easier experience when looking for the right matches for both you and your sellers. An easier experience means less hassle for your listing leads too, which is what will earn you repeat business in the future.  

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