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Everyone in real estate has their own blueprint for success. In this Blueprint series, we talk to real users about what their blueprint looks like—so you can learn from real-life peers and discover ways you can use LionDesk to succeed.

Today, we take a look at how Dennis Bamber at Cressy & Everett used Boost digital ads to achieve 1.8 million views for his listing ads!

Dennis’ blueprint to success with Boost listing ads

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These days, it’s difficult to stand out as a Real Estate agent. There’s a balance that needs to be found in order to engage and keep the attention of a large audience.

Dennis achieved this by mixing more traditional techniques, such as direct mail flyers and phone calls, with Email campaigns, text messages, and digital ad campaigns.

That’s where Boost came in. But what exactly is Boost, and how did it help Dennis?

Boost is an automated MLS listing ad tool

This tool builds your ads AUTOMATICALLY for you from your name and listing information, pulled directly from the MLS.

That’s right. Not only did Dennis get his listings in front of an entirely new audience, but he did so with less manual effort.

Here’s an example of one of Dennis’ Facebook ads, and what he had to say about the tool:

Automated MLS Facebook ad

“I can tell from the comments I see on our Facebook ads that the Boost campaigns are reaching the right audience. People will post, ‘Nice home,’ or ‘When can I see it?’ and that really reinforces their value.” 

Dennis also uses Boost’s targeted listings ads to market his Lakefront listings in Michigan. By using the Subscribe and Save feature, his listings are automatically boosted at a 12% discount.

You CAN simply set it and forget it, but you don’t have to! Boost also allows you to customize your ads.

“Boost allows us to launch campaigns quickly, while still being able to customize the ads. I like to tweak some of the ad settings based on my knowledge of the property and the target audience before they are published.”

The Result?

Over a three year period, Dennis has run 250+ listing ads across both his markets, leading to more than 1.8 million views and 87,000 clicks. His Boost ad campaigns are a critical component of his 30-point marketing program, which is designed to consider a listing’s most likely buyer and their preferred means of marketing and outreach.

When listings aren’t getting the attention they deserve, he relies on Boost to do the heavy lifting. 

“When response to a listing seems slow, the Boost campaign really seems to juice it up and drive immediate interest.”

Seamlessly integrate your listing Facebook ads with Email Campaigns

While digital ads were a very important component of Dennis’ strategy, it wasn’t the full picture. Dennis used Boost ads to draw in new and targeted audiences, but also complemented that with email campaigns and text marketing strategies, as well as his traditional approaches.

With Boost and LionDesk, you have all of your digital tech stack in one place, seamlessly integrated. You can use LionDesk to create lists for targeting and retargeting through Boost, and capture your Boost leads directly in LionDesk for an automated email campaign. That’s less heavy lifting for you, and a better experience for your leads and customers.

Ready to BOOST your real estate business? 

Follow this blueprint and watch your business grow! 

We recommend using Boost for your digital ads! You can learn more about Boost here.

If you’re a LionDesk user, you can use our walkthrough guide of how to use Boost within your LionDesk system here.

If you’re not yet a LionDesk user, you can try it absolutely free for 14 days here. No credit cards or commitments, just superior tech. 

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