Thanksgiving real estate marketing

It’s November! And that means everyone is thinking about the three Fs: Family, Football, and most importantly, FOOD!

As people get ready to cozy up and hunker down for the holidays, you’re only thinking about one thing: Your marketing strategy! With selling season slowing down, it’s time to think about how to fill up your prospect funnel and set yourself up for future success.

But since we believe in balance, we wanted to make this post as fun as it is informative! So kick back, relax, and see what your favorite Thanksgiving side dish says about your marketing strategy.

Mashed potatoes: Mass Emailing

If you’re a mashed potato person, chances are you appeal to a large audience. Everyone loves you, so it’s up to you to make sure that there’s enough of you to go around, while keeping it personal and intimate. That’s why you’d benefit from mass emailing. You can email a follow up message, a new listing, or even a video checking in. That’s how you keep your leads (and mashed potatoes!) warm. Because no one likes cold leads or cold mashed potatoes.

Wine: You’re an open house hosting super star

Not only do you bring the party, but you’re the life of the party as well! That’s why you benefit the most from face-to-face events, like open houses. Just make sure that you’re collecting leads and nurturing them so your razzle-dazzle doesn’t fade the second the event ends. And since it’s the holiday season, here are some tips on how to stage your open house for the holidays!

Pie: Lead capture via Landing Pages

You know how to attract and capture high quality leads! That’s why you’d likely benefit from utilizing landing pages. With landing pages, you can attract leads to you, and capture their information seamlessly so they go straight into your CRM! Who doesn’t love a sweet and concise experience?

Turkey: CRM System!

You’re the star of the show, your business (and Thanksgiving!) wouldn’t survive without a CRM system/Turkey. Just like a Turkey at Thanksgiving, CRM systems are the most critical part of growing, scaling, and organizing your business. You simply won’t survive without one.

Happy Thanksgiving!

From all of us at LionDesk, we wish you and your loved ones a very happy Thanksgiving.

LionDesk Thanksgiving

Have a dish or marketing strategy to add? Leave a comment with what dish we missed and the marketing strategy it pertains to!