In a recent webinar titled Database Domination, Tom Ferry Coach & Speaker, Jason Pantana discussed how to build a marketing machine that runs itself rather than your life. 

There were a ton of really helpful insights and tips throughout the hour, but we wanted to call out one section in particular: Jason’s review and walkthrough of LionDesk Ad Portal. 

LionDesk’s Ad Portal allows users to publish social advertisements that are targeted to their database contacts or pre-built prospecting audiences without ever leaving the LionDesk platform.  

LionDesk Ad Portal is a robust system

Jason is the “marketing guy” at Tom Ferry and as such knows his stuff when it comes to all things digital marketing. He typically trains people on how to use Facebook’s Ad Manager system which is complicated and frustrating to most users.  

In the webinar he says  “If you want to take advantage of Facebook ads without all the complexity and confusion of Facebook’s native ad portal, this is the system for you.”

Targeted Ads through Custom Lists

LionDesk gives you the option to connect your contacts with Facebook through custom audience lists. This is shared with Facebook anonymously, so you aren’t giving your data to Facebook. Instead, through a third-party solution, they cross reference your list with what they have in Facebook, and match those who appear in both. So when you run the ad, it is served to those matches from your list.  

The Importance of Paid Facebook Ads

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to watch it fall, did the tree make a sound? Nobody knows for sure because no one is around. If I send somebody an email and it goes to junk, and they never see it, do I get any credit for that? If I create a Facebook ad and nobody sees it, do I get credit for being in front of my database? No, of course not. In this clip, Jason goes over the importance of making sure your content is seen which is the ultimate goal of any marketing campaign.  

Even if you do everything perfectly with your organic marketing, you stand to maybe get 10% of your audience to see your content, best case scenario. That’s why you need to pay to play. Jason recommends promoting a post weekly. Go through everything you post organically, and put budget towards the best performing post. 

With LionDesk, you can create a custom audience, and tell the system “I’m going to pay you money to show this content to these people” – If people don’t see your content, it won’t have an impact on your strategy. 

In this video, Jason walks you through how to create a custom audience of your LionDesk database, how to create the ad, where to run, how long to run for, how much to spend, and more! 

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