Build a Marketing Machine that Runs Itself – Not Your Life!

Jump to tips:

  • 5:16 – Why you want to be the agent of choice (not chance)
  • 8:40 – You’re probably not sending enough emails
  • 16:19 – How to have a kick a$$ social content strategy
  • 22:34 – How and what to advertising on Facebook
  • 35:02 – How to easily call your database quarterly
  • 40:06 – The coolest feature of LionDesk – Video Texts!
  • 55:33 – A Bob Ross visualization for repurposing content

Key learnings:

  • Facebook Ad Stack –The specific ads to create/run
    • With LionDesk’s Ad Portal you never have to deal with Facebook’s frustrating ads manager. Easily connect audiences, create ads and connect incoming leads to automatic campaigns.
  • Calls, Texts, and Emails – (exactly) what to say & send
    • If you’re not consistently messaging your audience, someone else is. Having all your communication tools (including Video!) makes it easy and dare we say, FUN  
  • B.R.A.N.D. Blitz – THE campaign playbook to drive (massive) top-of-mind awareness
    • Always be the chosen agent, loan officer or company. We are in the relationship business. Build a personal brand that gets noticed and creates trust.

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