Marni Hale, LionDesk Head of Marketing, sat down with the #1 Sales Coach for lending professionals, Todd Duncan of High Trust, to learn what sales professionals should be doing during the quarantine to not only survive but come out thriving.

Here are the key points:

Stay Connected to Your Database

What if people are fearful of reaching out during this sensitive time?

Have a process. If you don’t have a process, you’re just going to get slammed. Be purposeful, be intentional.

If you want your clients for life, you need to talk to them during their life. There’s no better chance to talk to them right now.

If You Build Relationships, the Revenue Happens

What’s the best way to build strong relationships?

If you build the relationships, the revenue happens. Everybody that has any maturity in this business knows that what goes down, comes up, and what goes up comes down. Relationships will take you through any moment of difficulty, and they’re much more leveragable in moments of greatness.

Get back to relationship management, work with the right people, have standards on how you work with them, add as much value as you can. We’re in the solution environment today with the availability of content. You should be the white knight that bridges the gap between what they need and the solution.

As You Go Through Challenges, Grow From Them

How do we get through this time of difficulty?

We look at times that are difficult, and they’re going to end. The best way to end a time of difficulty is by learning lessons that will allow you to always be above the fray if a difficulty like this arises again.

Don’t go through it, grow through it.

Watch the full 5 minute video here

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