Focused lion to symbolize a successful year using a CRM.

We are already a couple weeks into 2020. Have you hit the ground running, or lagged a little? It’s okay! Time goes by quickly, which is why we put together this list of 20 top things to maximize your CRM in 2020.  

Whether you are using LionDesk, your own CRM, or are not even using a CRM yet, these tips will help you dominate your goals and make 2020 your most profitable year yet. Not a bad start to the decade. 

Best CRM Tips:

  1. Engage purposefully: Segment by interests, then share interest focused information and watch your replies go through the roof.
  2. Thank your past clients / Let them know you care: Send a text to all past clients thanking them for their business. No ask. 
  3. Follow up with Open House Visitors: Send a video text to recent open house visitors thanking them for coming and to look out for an email from you with more info.
  4. Know where your leads are: Review your allocated leads and see where they are in the funnel to create an important task to stay top of mind.
  5. Set reminders: Create a call reminder task to reach out to your new leads. 
  6. Follow up: Set up a task to follow up with a lead that hasn’t replied to your email in a while. Could your follow up game use a boost? Check out the Follow Up Master Plan here.
  7. Connect with new clients: Set up a welcome automation email with important links, contact details, and more to go out 1-2 days later with information about you and your company. 
  8. Work on the go: Download the mobile app. Give yourself the ability to be ahead of your competitor by following up with a client 24/7 while you’re away from your office. You can schedule appointments, enter information, review notes, follow-ups and more all at your fingertips.
  9. Connect your tools: Set up Integrations for tools that aren’t already part of your CRM to give you access to all of your information without needing to switch between multiple systems. 
  10. Stay relevant: Create a content calendar with relevant value-added information. What would your leads find interesting?
  11. Sit back & follow up: Use LionDesk’s Lead Assist and let Gabby (AI) do all the follow up for you! 
  12. Track, measure and win! Track and measure your campaigns so you know what works and can continually improve your marketing and sales efforts.
  13. Tidy up: Cleanse your database. Are there unsegmented leads that should be segmented? Are there old emails that need updating? Clean them up!  
  14. Let them know you care / Stay top of mind: Go back through your past sales and create recurring text task reminders on the housing anniversary for yearly check-ins.
  15. Set it & forget it: Apply monthly recurring task reminders for your SOI to take action on monthly.  
  16. Prepare ahead to save time in the future:  Create evergreen videos for your different lead sources as your first touchpoint. Get face to face as quickly as possible.  
  17. Agents are your sphere too: Create a list of VIP agents in your market to send all new listings and buyers looking for XYZ. 
  18. Keep success metrics visible: Set your dashboard up so it shows the most important information at a glance.
  19. Try something new: Practice sending a video text or try out a campaign (maybe a blended one) on a friend or family member. Have fun with it and include a call-to-action and see when and how they respond.
  20. Remember your sphere’s special dates: As you go through the year, take 5 minutes each day to update your sphere’s special days like: birthdays (Facebook can be a helpful resource for this) and anniversaries (wedding, closing date, etc). These special dates are a great reminder to reach out and say hello. #staytopofmind 

Ready to dominate? Go out there and put these tips into play to make 2020 your BEST YEAR yet!   

If you’re not yet using a CRM, we recommend our free 30-day trial.