In this video featuring David Anderson, LionDesk Founder & CEO and A.J. Powers, Broker/ Owner of Powers Premiere, both discuss the need for having a CRM to take you to the next level. 

Key Takeaways: 

1:43 A CRM is one place where you can see everything and keep your data organized to help you manage your business better and make more deals  

3:12 If you’re having conversations as an agent and you’re not tracking them, you’re missing out on huge opportunities in sales

5:52 The top 20% of agents have a CRM. They go in everyday and set up automated campaigns. That’s what it takes to be omnipresent- to be in front of everyone at all times 

7:06 Its simple: Import your contacts, categorize and send your first text message

8:20 Get easy wins with Lead Assist- Artificial Intelligence – the LionDesk feature that qualifies leads and saves responses into custom fields for you 

16:34 The key to being successful is providing post transaction services. Develop a relationship quickly so you’re the person your clients think of first 

25:40 Be connected the entire process with automated drip campaigns  

29:00 Work in your business and on your business, that’s the difference between working as a business owner vs as an agent 

Overall, the key to being successful with your clients is to be connected consistently. 

 If not, you’re missing out on HUGE opportunities. 

This is where technology make the difference.