summer open house ideas

Summer is now upon us! And the real estate market is just as hot as the weather. Since everyone is getting excited to spend more time outside, we wanted to share some creative open house ideas with you to showcase the outdoor spaces of your listings (and have some fun while you’re at it!)

Open House Pool Party


Do some of your listings have pools? What better way to show it off than a pool party! This will get people in the door and have them stay a while (which will help you build your relationships and list of leads!) It’s also a great opportunity to hand out koozies or beach balls with your information on them so people remember you on a fun summer day.

BBQ Open House


If your listing has a great outdoor space, it’s a perfect opportunity for a BBQ. Sure, water bottles and popcorn is nice, but nothing gets people excited about a backyard like burgers and hot dogs. This will also get people thinking about the backyard events they would like to host. You can even include lawn games such as corn hole and kid’s games! Just make sure it’s nothing that damages the yard. Some cute giveaways could include aprons and balls to play catch with (all with your information of course!)

Ice Cream Social


Who doesn’t love ice cream? Consider having some at your open house to get people in the summer mood! So that they don’t melt, we recommend individually wrapped popsicles or ice cream bars. Don’t forget to include dairy free to make everyone feel welcome!

Open House Yoga or Fitness Class


How about an open house with a twist? One great way to get people in the door and take advantage of a big yard is a workout class. This will draw in a health-conscious audience. Simply hire a yoga or fitness instructor and have everyone bring their own mats. People will leave the open house feeling rejuvenated and that endorphin kick will have them loving the house even more. Just be sure to collect contact information in exchange for attending the class.

Sunset Cocktail Hour


If you have listings with a great view, a sunset cocktail hour is a great way to show it off! If you’re not much of a mixologist, get some pre-mixed cocktails or High Noons. Don’t forget mocktails for those who don’t drink!

Don’t Forget to Capture and Nurture Your Leads!

Getting people in the door is only half the battle. If you’re not diligent about capturing lead information and nurturing them, they will likely fall off and forget about you, even if they had an unforgettable time.

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