#TakeoverTuesday with Loan Officer Carol Escobar

Everyone ALWAYS wants to find new ways to close more loans or sales in their market.

Well, let’s learn from our recent Instagram #TAKEOVERTUESDAY guest, Carol Escobar. Carol is a top Loan Officer with New American Funding in Orange County.

Here are her Top 5 Tips for Closing More Sales in Today’s Market!

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Tip 1: Don’t Lose the Sale!

Create a Follow-up Campaign after a client or lead reaches out. Make sure your email or text messages are personable and written in the language you prefer, which is Carol’s preference. She has a Spanish and English buyer campaign in her LionDesk account ready to go out depending on her client.

Tip 2: Use Technology to improve your customer service experience.

Create a paperwork or closing campaign that follows up with all your lead for 28 days with Text & Call Reminders. Texting is an effective way to follow up with people. It can feel more personal, and it’s electronic, allowing you to stay top of mind before you finalize with a call where you can get your lead on the phone and convert them into a client!

Tip 3: Use Video to Enhance Client communication!

Categorize your clients (buyers, past clients, pre-approved, etc.) and referral partners (agents you are partnered with) all inside LionDesk. Now get your message together, film the video, and mass text your clients or partners. Remember, responses to your text will be much higher than an email!

Quick Tip: Never mass text contacts you don’t have a relationship with and Always text /email those that have opted in.

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Tip 4: Consistent Communication

Overcome the challenge of letting communication between you and a lead fall through the cracks. Get a snapshot of all activity between you and the lead inside LionDesk and screenshot them so you can send the records over to your realtor or partners so you can keep them informed of the loan or sale process.

Tip 5: Master LionDesk

Learn how to use LionDesk to get more referrals or partners. Become a LionDesk Master so you can apply it to your business and teach other Real Estate Agents how to use the system, and they will naturally gravitate to you and your knowledge. And last, always remember to help those around you and it will always make its way back to you.