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You have a website, you have a social media presence, but are you getting the most out of your marketing efforts with landing pages as well?

What’s the difference between a landing page and a website?

Your website is the hub for all of your information, it’s meant to inform and engage your customers. A landing page is a page that is designed specifically to convert your page visitors into leads. It is different from a website in that it has a single focus – to capture a visitor’s information for a specific deliverable.

Now that you understand the difference and value, let’s get to some examples of the best landing pages to capture your leads!

5 Best Landing Pages for Real Estate Agents

1. Book an Appointment Landing Page

This is a simple one for your potential Buyer leads so that they can book an appointment.

When creating a landing page for appointments, be sure to set clear expectations about when and how a lead will hear from you (will you email them? Call them? etc.)

Also, be sure to give visitors the option to call right away. Remember, in this industry, it’s all about Speed to Lead, first response wins.

Landing pages guide / checklist

2. Home Valuation Landing Page

This is a landing page targeted to your Seller leads. When creating a landing page for home valuations, make sure you name it in a way that’s intuitive for the visitor, it may be your hundredth time selling a house, but it’s likely their first or second. Instead of “Home Valuation” try something more user friendly, such as “What’s My Home Worth?”

Be sure to make it easy for the site visitor to enter their address and email to receive the valuation.

3. Community Landing Page

This is a great page to capture all types of leads in your local community!

An effective community page should offer visitors a combination of images and content that demonstrates your expertise in a local area. Include search keywords and phrases relevant to those areas.

By focusing on these keywords, you’ll increase your chances of ranking at the top of Google search results and getting found by motivated leads ready to reach out.

4. Buyer Guide Landing Page

This is another great page if you’re trying to attract buyers. Create a buyer’s guide lead magnet and have them provide their information n exchange for the guide.

By offering a downloadable home buyer’s guide, you can give prospective clients a valuable resource that demonstrates your expertise, and you open up lines of communication.

5. Seller Guide Landing Page

This is similar to the Buyer’s Guide landing page, but this time it’s targeted towards sellers.

Home sellers are also looking for advice! A downloadable seller’s guide provides useful insights and demonstrates your expertise.

How to Create Landing Pages

If you’ve made it this far down the post, you now have the understanding of a landing page, and some examples of landing pages that convert. So you understand the importance. But now the big question: How the heck do you create them?

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Real Estate Landing Pages

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