Since we’re a about halfway through the year, we wanted to do something a little different this month!

This month, we are recapping the top LionDesk features added since the beginning of the year. Are you using these most popular new features?

Schedule Email and Text Messages on Exact Dates!

Schedule email and text messages to be sent on specific days! With LionDesk, you can send personalized emails or messages ahead of time! You have the option of typing your own message or selecting from a list of text templates. Keep in touch with your connections and schedule your communication ahead of time.

View and Track Unsubscribed Contacts! Keep your CRM updated!

With this enhancement, you can view the contact who have unsubscribed from your communication. You’ll be able to see which contacts have unsubscribed as well as the date they did so.

Measure Progress and Production with Activity Reports!

Track your metrics (emails sent, text sent, calls made, and more) and measure your progress! You can compare your stats from the previous week, month, or year in Activity Reports to gain insight into your marketing activities!