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We talk a lot about the many benefits and uses of LionDesk, but this week we wanted to take a back seat and let our customers do the driving! In this blog post, you’ll hear from three users about how they use LionDesk, their favorite feature, and their pro tips to other LionDesk users!

Whether you’re new to LionDesk, have been using it for years, or have not even started your Free Trial yet, these tips and tricks are sure to give you an “aha” moment! After all, the LionDesk community is where we get our best tips for the system too!

Gaining More Freedom through LionDesk Automation

Monica Hathaway

Monica Hathaway

Top Agent with KW Coastal in Long Beach, Ca

In real estate for 17 years

How long she has been using liondesk – 7 years

Success with LionDesk-  She was able to communicate with her leads at all times, and by creating campaigns based on her clients’ journeys, she was able to stay top of mind, allowing her to make more sales for being top if mind at the right time.

Why she picked LionDesk- The simplicity of it was a selling point to her. She also like the fact she can have access to multiple templates with proven success.

Why she loves LionDesk- Monica is able to utilize  LionDesk to keep all of her contacts and handle all of her communication in one place, automating it so she can focus on other things while knowing her clients are being contacted.

Her favorite feature – Texting because she is able to send mass text messages to reach 100s of contacts within seconds

PRO TIP:  Find ways to create more time in your day so you can focus most on building your empire. For Monica is using a CRM that manages her database all in one place and gives her the freedom she needs by automating all her communication to STAY TOP OF MIND!

Using LionDesk to Increase Engagement With Video Content

Trevor Jones

Trevor Jones

Hollywood editor turned full-time Realtor working as an agent for 7 years

How long he has been using LionDesk – 7.5  years

Success with LionDesk-  By being unique and exciting, he was able to put up a strategy to send a lot of content to his clients and blast emails with video content to engage their prospects and get transactions. They were able to deliver video text emails and set up this process campaign because of LionDesk.

Why he picked LionDesk- Video emails and text to go with his marketing niche …videos and more video marketing

Why he loves LionDesk- “Besides marketing to my sphere, I use LionDesk to market to referral agents – stay top of mind – so when they’ve got a client moving to or from my market they think of me.”

Favorite Feature – By properly categorizing our clients in LionDesk the second they enter his database, he can create video and mass messaging that are targeted towards specific audiences.

PRO TIP:  Find ways to create more videos so you can increase your exposure and build your empire. For Trevor, that includes preparing his content and doing topic research before diving into recording his videos.

From Email to Offer in 30 Minutes Through LionDesk

J.D. Iles

J.D. Iles

NY & PA Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams Realty

How long he has been using LionDesk – 5  years

Success with LionDesk-  “I want to take a moment and sing Liondesk’s praises! I converted about 5 years ago, and I couldn’t be happier! I am a KW agent and even though we have A LOT going on technology-wise, I am so happy that I do my day-to-day client interaction and outreach via LionDesk! Thank you so much to the entire team AND the community on Facebook!”

Why he picked LionDesk- Video – I am not comfortable on Video but I used the text video to let my group know I had sent an e-mail for a listing. Had a phone call within 10 minutes of sending the email and text, wrote the offer, and under contract is less than 30 minutes! This is all LionDesk!

Why he loves LionDesk- “I am CONSTANTLY blown away by the improvements they are making inside LionDesk. Where do I go for my LionDesk Tattoo?”

Favorite Feature – I like the LionDesk Tagging system; I used to use the GOLDMINE CRM for the first 20 years of a non-real estate career. LionDesk feels like getting GOLDMINE back!

PRO TIP: Download the LionDesk Mobile App to help you communicate on the run or when you are away from your office.

Getting More from LionDesk

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