5 CRM strategies to grow your real estate business

Customer relationships are key to the growth of your business, so you need to manage them as efficiently and effectively as possible. Stewart Title Rep, Robert De Prater, shares how a CRM can help you be more connected to customers, improve your overall business performance, and grow your company bigger and faster than ever with 5 simple steps.

Robert shares how without a CRM system, 79% of all marketing leads are never converted to sales.

Watch this live interview to learn the 5 CRM steps you’ll need to grow your real estate business:

We still hear over and over how many agents and brokers continue to try to run their real estate business without a CRM tool or database to manage their contacts and relationships.

A CRM allows you to connect with your clients on a deeper level.

We can’t stress this enough -> Outlook, Excel, a spreadsheet, a Word document, and even paper notepads are NOT CRM systems when it comes to managing your leads and prospects. You need a legitimate database to manage your contacts and improve your relationships when you’re out and about. Log into your LionDesk Account and get started!

5 CRM strategies to grow your real estate business 👇

1️⃣ Use it! Learn it! Know it! To get the most out of your CRM you need to customize it according to your business needs and know how to use it effectively to make your life easier! Customize your Vitals Dashboard to track how you are using your account. Vitals can track various types of metrics such as email opens/click, inbound/outbound texts, and more! 

2️⃣ Track it! Marketing efficiency and effectiveness come from improving your success rate over time by monitoring and measuring results. Review what’s working and not working with LionDesk Reporting!

3️⃣ Be Consistent. Consistent communication is crucial for a successful business. Try and set up a new campaign today and start automating your communication!

4️⃣ Try something different. Try to stand out! Trying different ways of promoting your business, service, or even reaching your target market is essential to ongoing business improvement. Try a Video Text or Email today!

5️⃣ Document Everything. If it’s not in LionDesk or your CRM you won’t remember them. LionDesk has your covered! You can create recurring tasks to send reminders to yourself or your team members to stay on track of your workflow.

If you’re not a LionDesk user, try it free for 30 days just click on the link below to grow your company faster with a CRM like Robert.

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