When it comes to email and text campaigns, we at LionDesk have one thing to say

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As a LionDesk user you can easily access and share email and text campaigns with others, Here’s three ways to take advantage of the campaign sharing feature inside your account.

1. Publish Campaigns to the Shared Campaign Library

Join the 1,000s of users who have created and published their drip campaigns in the Shared Library. You can make your campaigns public and share them with the LionDesk community or make them private and have full control of who can have to access your published campaigns. 

2. Share Campaigns with Sub-Accounts

Keep your communication/marketing consistent across your team by sharing campaigns with your sub-accounts. By sharing your campaigns, your sub-accounts will have access to use them, but will not have access to edit them, which allow you, as the Admin, to have full control of the campaign communication. 

3. Share Templates with Team Members

Collaborate with your Team Members by sharing your best templates with your team members.

In this video, LionDesk expert trainer, Steven Lopez, shows us how to use each sharing feature. Take it away, Steven.