LionDesk, one of the world’s most innovative CRM, Marketing and Transaction Management platforms, was ranked the best real estate CRM for 2021 by national media outlet, The Close. 

“Ranking #1 against so many other platforms in the space proves that our commitment to innovation and customer success is the right focus,” said David Anderson, LionDesk founder and CEO.

LionDesk took the #1 spot after being reviewed alongside other industry platforms including; Top Producer, Wise Agent, IXACT, Realvolve, Contactually and Propertybase 

Editors noted that LionDesk’s consistent commitment to upgrading their products and rolling out new features like video messaging was a key reason in earning the #1 spot. They also touted the incredible value and affordable cost that is now how every other product is measured against. 

The editors specifically gave high rankings for:  

  • Learning curve: LionDesk is easy to use straight out of the gate 
  • Bulk texting: sending all the contacts on a specific list a text message at once is powerful and unique 
  • Customizable fields: creating custom fields lets you add details that are specific to your office or team 
  • Artificial intelligence (AI): automated text follow-up that has persuasive conversations is impressive 
  • Power Dialer: integrated dialer adds a level of convenience and speed  

The favorite LionDesk feature chosen by the editors is Lead Assist, nicknamed “Gabby”. Gabby is your AI-powered inside sales association (ISA). Gabby knows that the success of a real estate agent is speed-to-lead and follow-up and Gabby takes care of both beautifully.  

“Her ability to deliver persuasive conversations while qualifying your new contacts information and placing it directly in your account while you’re doing other things is remarkable,” added Anderson. 

LionDesk isn’t slowing down anytime soon. With new features including landing pages, new integration partners like ActivePipe, services like “done for you” lead generation, and continuous improvements to the current platform, LionDesk is the best solution for anyone who wants a feature-rich, low cost, single hub sales and marketing system. 

About LionDesk 

LionDesk has been the CRM (customer relationship management) platform of choice for over 165,000 real estate and mortgage professionals.  Known for ease of use, affordability and customization, LionDesk leads the way in innovation with features such as video emailing, texting and an AI (artificial intelligence) lead follow up system.  To learn more visit

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