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Facebook ads are a science that many digital marketers have perfected. Let us help you speed up the process by sharing Facebook Ad Examples so you can learn how to create your own. 

We also review other industry-related examples allow the creative juices to kick in and lets you create your own original ideas. Find out what works for other companies before creating your own.

Best Facebook Ads Examples: Photo Ads

Sometimes referred to as “image ads,” photo ads are a simple, effective way to build brand awareness and engagement.

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 What’s great about image ads:

  • Short, straightforward copy. In just 2- 3 lines, they describe the perk or value + engages viewers with emojis.
  • Eye-catching image. Think of using an image the leads can daydream being in or wanting to be apart of so when scrolling through a Facebook feed they STOP!
  • Effective landing page. If you click on their ads, you’ll be taken to a landing page that describes the service, product, or perk —and why it’s valuable—in more detail. This is a tried-and-true online marketing strategy that even the most beginner brands can make use of. It’s also a good reminder that you don’t have to say everything in your ad.

Best Facebook Ads Examples: Video Ads

Video ads put photos ads into motion with GIFs or short clips.

Facebook has been banking on mobile video, and with good reason. Research shows that people associate mobile videos with positive emotions. That makes video ads a great way to build brand awareness through storytelling.

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 What’s great about this video ad:

  • Effective branding. There isn’t any doubt as to who published this ad. The logo and signature style yells your company all the way through.
  • Inclusive illustrations. In addition to being playful and smart, some of the videos are also sound-free and have subtitles.
  • Upfront and to-the-point. Users uploaded videos from 15 seconds to 2 mins in length. But remember even if it’s over 15 seconds and you don’t get an Auto Play Ad Video if it over it doesn’t matter Facebook study finds the majority of viewers bail after 3.7 seconds so even if your video ad is 2-5 mins long make sure your catchy message is within those first 5 seconds.

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