You’re running a million miles an hour every day, between meetings, phone calls, and an endless to-do list… how much time do you spend really managing your database and following up with leads?

What if there was an easier way to control your pipeline?

One that allows you to make more money in less time AND do less work?

Good news, friend… there is!

This is exactly what a CRM for sales and marketing should do. 

The best CRM should:

  • Help you get organized
  • Allow you to communicate proactively instead of reactively
  • Make more money in less time

Organize, Sort, & Track with a CRM for Sales & Marketing

As a real estate, mortgage, or small business professional, you know “the money is in the follow up.” Without a healthy pipeline, it’s impossible to grow and scale your business.

A CRM functions as the home base for your past clients, active clients, new leads, and prospects in your sphere. You can create your own segmentation system to help you organize, sort, and track your contacts. Check out some of our segmentation tips here.

But the real beauty in segmentation is that it takes your business from being REACTIVE to being PROACTIVE.

With all your contacts in one place, you can quickly check on the status of an individual client or see which part of your pipeline might need more work.

When you segment your list, you’re able to see where each contact is in the sales process and provide them with the best information and service possible by sending one to many marketing emails that are personalized to appear as though the message is a one on one communication.

Proactive Communication with a CRM 

Although incredibly useful and important, segmentation is only one part of proactive communication. To truly be proactive instead of reactive, use your CRM to implement a communication system.

Your System Should:

  • Use of both text and email as marketing distribution channels
  • Manage all your leads coming in from all your different lead channels
  • Send an autoresponse to all new leads
  • Send drips out to your database based on how you’re segmenting your contacts
  • Track interactions
  • Automate repetitive workflows and tasks
  • Remind you of important phone calls
  • Provide you with reporting and analytics
  • Help you qualify your leads
  • Help you ensure no lead gets lost in the process 
  • Help you move a lead from awareness to close in less time

Make More Money in Less Time Using a CRM

With all the things you have going on every day, wouldn’t a tool that saved you time AND helped you make more money be a blessing?

This is a big reason we are such big fans of Lead Assist.

Lead Assist is our artificial intelligence autoresponder that helps you qualify leads without taking up your time and resources. 

When a new lead comes in (no matter the source), Lead Assist immediately reaches out to that lead to start a conversation. This isn’t your average autoresponder or text. Instead, it’s a conversation powered by LionDesk AI to find out the most critical information and help you qualify leads faster.

A CRM for sales and marketing automation is hands down the best way for you to:

  • Get organized
  • Communicate proactively
  • Make more money in less time

If you haven’t tried LionDesk yet, then we’d like to invite you to give us a try! Click here to start a 30-day FREE trial today.