Nurture Real Estate

When it comes to real estate, your most precious commodity is time. But with the most important aspect of real estate being relationship-building, time is hard to come by. If you feel like you’re spending most of your time reaching out and manually maintaining your relationships, this post is for you.

What if you could automate your nurture so your leads stay hot, and come to you when they’re ready to buy and sell? With LionDesk, you can. Here are two ways to automatically nurture your leads.

Automating New Lead Communication with Drip Campaigns

The moment that new leads come into your LionDesk system, you can assign a follow-up plan or Drip Campaign to ensure that you have instant and consistent communication with your new leads.

What is a Drip Campaign?

A Drip Campaign is a campaign that schedules communication that you’ve already built in advance. By entering in new leads as they come in, the sequence is automatically kicked off based on communication types and messaging that you’ve predetermined to work. For example, speed to lead is crucial, the first to communicate typically wins, so you could start with a piece of instant communication, then a follow up two days later, and another a week later, and so on. It doesn’t have to be manual!

With Drip Campaigns, you can schedule and automate your email communication over the next few weeks, months, or even years.

Real Estate Automation Drip

Click here to learn how to automatically assign a drip campaign to new leads. 

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How to Automate your Communication with Transaction Plans

Once your leads are further along, you can continue to nurture them through the transaction process to guarantee a good closing experience.

With LionDesk Transactions, you can add all of your pending transactions in LionDesk and track them from prospecting to close.

In addition, you can create Transaction Plans, you can automate all the communication based on the stage of the Transaction, so as the deal moves from one stage to the next, it will trigger a new set of emails and task reminders (which you can use to remind yourself to text or call the person)!

transaction automation real estate

The beauty here is that transactions can work for any industry. With LionDesk Transactions, you can modify the Transaction pipeline to fit your business needs. For loan officers, LionDesk has recommended Transaction pipelines that are available in the LionDesk Mortgage Loan Officer version.  

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