In a recent LionDesk Live Show interview we learned how Ad Portal can be a great tool for Lead Generation for all real estate agents, Rebecca Dorn Real Estate Agent out of Arizona & LionDesk Marketing Jessica Shaw discussed how to get the most out of Facebook Ads so that they runs themselves rather than your life with LionDesk newest Lead Generation Tool Ad Portal.  

Check out the latest Interview:

While the entire 22-minute interview is great, here are some top timestamps worth watching:

  • 1:49 How Ad Portal made advertising easier
  • 4:52 What ads her & her team have running
  • 5:30 Just listed ad tips
  • 6:56 Quick examples of ads running in Ad Portal
  • 9:25 2 easy tips that will help increase your lead generation
  • 11:24 Rebecca shares her final tips & tricks on Ad Portal

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