Where to get seller leads

In such a competitive market, the hunt for new leads can be challenging and discouraging. You might be asking yourself, “Where are top agents getting their seller leads?”

We have you covered! We worked with top agents to put together tips and tricks for where to get more seller leads, how to capture their info, and what to do with them once you have them!

Challenging Competition for Seller Leads

Getting seller leads is tough even in the best of times. And during unprecedented times, it becomes an even bigger challenge since hundreds, or sometimes thousands, of other agents in your market are going after the same leads.

With 77% of homeowners potentially selling once stay-at-home restrictions end, shifting your focus to seller leads right now is a great way to pump up your business. 

So what is the best way to generate seller leads?

With so many different ways to generate leads, it’s hard to know where to focus. But you’re in luck! In our recent survey we found the top four ways agents from across the country are generating their seller leads:

1. Check in With People You Already Know

Agents, you know first hand that the best clients are people from your inner circle! Since you already have a relationship, you don’t need to spend the extra time building trust. Whether it be past clients, neighbors, or family, one great way to connect with them is with Cloud CMA’s add on feature Homebeat. This “set it and forget it” tool sends your clients live insights into how their home stands up in the current market by email – weekly, monthly, or you can create a custom schedule. When your clients are ready, they can easily contact you directly from their Homebeat. Plus, your branding is always front and center so you stay top of mind.

2. Generate Leads Through Your Network

Real estate is all about building connections and networking. Providing excellent customer service to past clients and even leads that you didn’t end up working with is key to gaining referrals. If you do a mediocre job, they will tell everyone not to work with you. And when you have happy clients, they are more willing to give you a testimonial/review. Which you can then include in your Cloud CMA Live report as video testimonials and in your marketing campaigns going forward.

It’s also important to keep your network NURTURED. Through LionDesk, you can easily nurture your leads without too much manual effort (who has time to call everyone?) Check out our previous blog post about Lead Nurturing.

3. Personal Website or Landing Page

Websites are a great tool for generating leads. Thanks to the internet, clients can easily find an agent that suits their needs. So having an online presence is a must these days. Websites are great for general information, whereas landing pages are a tool for lead capture (learn the difference and tips for both here!). Best part, you can even promote and advertise these landing pages in email signatures and on social media to reach a brand new audience!

4. Paid Advertising

While the internet is an amazing resource to promote your business and generate leads for free, investing in yourself to help further promote your business can help you reach a larger audience. Running Facebook and Instagram Ads is easier than you think and is a perfect resource since most people use these platforms. Boost is an add on for LionDesk that allows you to create and market to lists via paid ads across platforms easily!

What to do With Your New Seller Leads!

Having an effective method to generate more seller leads is a must. Unfortunately, there is no “one size fits all” method. What works for you may not work for others and vice versa. But once you get them, what do you do with them?

If you’re not already using a CRM system, LionDesk is the best in class for lead capture and lead nurture. Ditch the Excel docs, post it notes, and phone contacts to manage your leads, and save yourself time and headaches with LionDesk. We’re so confident you’ll love it, we let you try before you buy.

Check it out:

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Happy hunting!