AI for Real Estate

If your business isn’t using artificial intelligence in marketing, it’s already behind.

Not only can AI help you and your team develop marketing strategies, but it saves you time by qualifying New Leads so you can spend more time doing the things you love like- spending the weekend with your family. Or spend more time building your business by marketing yourself and generating more leads, attending open houses and the list can go on!

LionDesk Lead Assist

Lead Assist is an exclusive feature built into the LionDesk platform. It’s designed to start conversations, qualify leads, and maintain relationships with prospective clients in the early stages of your relationship with them. shares a full article, where they walk you through the Lead Assist feature, showcase what it does, and shows you firsthand what a conversation with “Gabby” (the Lead Assist default name that you can customize!) looks like.

Will you become an AI believer by the end of this article? Click here to read their article and find out.

When you’re done reading that, come back here to learn how to put this into practice with our Lead Assist tips!

Lead Assist Tips 👇

If you’re already a LionDesk user and want to add Gabby to your account, see how to set it up here

If you’re not a LionDesk user yet, you can access this exclusive feature by starting a Pro+ account here.

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