Our overall end goal is to see you guys as real estate agents striving by using a power dialer to make more calls with less effort. 

Because we know how TIME is critical for you guys!

Leads will go to your competitors if you can’t contact them in time, so you need to improve the number of leads you prospect without overloading your work and these power dialer tips will ensure your experience is effective and enjoyable.

Watch this short 10 min clip and learn 4 power dialer tips you can apply to your dialing strategy as a real estate agent

Let’s dive into the 4 Tips:

# 1 Segment Lists of Related Phone Numbers

Creating lists of similar phone numbers means you can develop a strategy and stay in a single mindset as you dial out.

If you already have your leads segmented in LionDesk GREAT!  If not here are a few examples, of ways you may want to segment your call list:

  • Buyer
  • Seller
  • Past client
  • Income
  • Preferred home style
  • Other agents – if you are calling agents to recruit 

Once these numbers have been grouped, make sure you have a segmented script, notes, and/or statistics ready.

# 2 Make Notes in your CRM

We say this over then over it’s unlikely that prospects will turn into clients after a single phone conversation/ single first-time interaction. But if they do that’s a HUGE WIN so make sure to celebrate! 

All real estate statics state it takes roughly 33 touches. This means people need to hear from you 33 times per year to remember you and for you to stay top of mind before that SALE!

This is why it’s important to take notes while on a call! Especially when you are talking to that many leads a year!

Learn to Simplify power dialing by using categories for note-taking to ensure basic information is accounted for when calling that many leads in one setting.

Simple categories can include interest indicators:

  • Interested
  • Maybe Later < 3 months
  • Maybe Later > 3 months
  • Not Interested

Or even a simple call-result metric:

  • Number Disconnected
  • No Answer – Follow Up within an X amount of days
  • No Answer –

These quick observations can go a long way for improving future interactions and eventually winning the deal.  This is why we can’t stress enough why it’s important to have a power dialer integrated with your CRM.

#3  Practice Good Phone Etiquette

A decent portion of outbound dials will end in missed calls or a voicemail inbox when using a power dialer. This makes every successful connection EVEN more important. Take advantage of these opportunities by keeping the lead on the phone and MAKE SURE TO ASK questions.

Remember the best sales professionals are natural listeners.

Quick Assessment Examples:

  • Are they speaking in short sentences or are they descriptive?
  • Are they involved or off-set from the call?
  • Do they seem receptive to humor and small talk?

#4  The Best Time to Call Leads

As you begin to prospect bigger lists of leads, studies have shown which times and days work in your favor.

According to MIT Professor Oldroyd’s research, the best time to call a lead and have them respond is Wednesday or Thursday. The best time to call and qualify leads is between 8-9am and 4-5pm.

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