A pack of lion cubs symbolizing no sales leads getting left behind.

If you’re a real estate agent or a mortgage broker or really any sales position, you know the value of a hot lead. Your day is filled with being pulled in multiple directions and you’re always on the go. So, remembering which leads to follow up with each day is not something you can remember on your own.

 And nothing is more frustrating than learning a client went with someone else because you forgot to follow up. 

We feel your pain and are consistently looking for ways to make your business stress-free.  

Imagine never letting a lead fall through the cracks…and the best part… not even having to think about it. 

LionDesk offers a feature called Contacts Slipping Away.

When you login, you can filter your contacts and set a time frame on those contacts you haven’t reached out to in a while.

This is a great tool to stay top-of-mind and avoid letting leads slip through the cracks!  

Setting up this feature is easy, watch this step-by-step video on how to set it up: 

Your new 2020 mantra: No lead left behind.

Now go crush it!