Thanksgiving Marketing Real Estate

The holidays are coming up, and with it, most people begin to wind down their business for a few months. However, in real estate, an industry based solely on relationships, you are not many people.

In this blog post, we discuss some positive ways to stay in touch over the holidays.

Tip 1: Don’t Ask, Only Give

The holidays are a very sensitive time. Everyone is getting bombarded with Black Friday emails, marketing for gifts, and overall are getting a message of “buy, buy, buy.”

We recommend you break the mold. Don’t ask for anything.

Offer help. Offer well wishes. Offer recipes and tips and valuable information, but this is not the time for a hard sell or asking for referrals, this is the time to build your relationship and trust.

Tip 2: Make it About Them

Generally with marketing, you always want to bring it back to a service you provide. You don’t need to do that right now.

Send information about local holiday events. Send favorite holiday recipes that you think they would benefit from. Send ideas for holiday dinner place settings or a great place to pre-order turkey. The holidays are homey, these are ideas that are still home-adjacent, but don’t push them to buy or sell.

Tip 3: Timing is Important

The week leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the biggest marketing email week of the year. People are getting absolutely slammed and sold to. We recommend not texting or emailing for that entire week, with one exception: Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is typically a slow email day, so there is less competition, and people are still checking their emails. For this, keep it simple, just send an email with well wishes for the holiday.

Include a picture of yourself with your family, or a paper turkey your children made, or a picture of your pet dressed up as a turkey. Don’t ask for anything, just wish them a happy Thanksgiving. You’d be surprised at the connection and trust this will build to give people an insight into your personal life, and wishing them well in theirs.

Be sure not to text or call on Thanksgiving, however, as it’s a more disruptive form of marketing and definitely crosses a boundary.

Tip 4: It’s All About Gratitude

Thanksgiving is about being thankful. Without our clients, us real estate professionals wouldn’t have the great lives, flexibility, and rewarding careers we get to currently enjoy.

Make it personal and dig deep, what are you personally grateful for? Express that. Connecting emotionally and honestly is so important to relationship building. Be yourself, and good things will come.

Happy Holidays from us at LionDesk, we’re grateful for you 🙂