Building business comes down to RELATIONSHIPS. But to build relationships, you need to COMMUNICATE. Here’s how to scale that.

That’s the focus of our recent Instagram #TAKEOVERTUESDAY guest, Robert De Prater a Stewart Title Rep that has been in the Title Industry for 15 years and is 3rd generation in Title Insurance.

He shares the importance of how every sales professional needs a CRM to BUILD their business and to communicate with clients so they can create lifelong relationships. Robert shares his top picks on why he uses LionDesk & why he shares it with everyone he knows!

In his Instagram Takeover Robert De Prater shares how a CRM could benefit your business: 

Here are his Top 4 Tips to success with LionDesk

#1 Implement a good contact management flow

Setting a task reminder for a call or email is a great way to stay in touch with your leads. Take advantage of the comments section so you are able to make notes from conversations you had with someone days or even months ago. This will give you the power of calling with confidence based on information you already know, because you took the time to record all the important notes needed to nurture that lead and turn into a sale.

#2 Engage with your clients via video

Record and send video emails or texts directly from your LionDesk account. Video emails and texts are extremely engaging, and if used properly, you will see incredibly high open rates and personal connections made quicker.

Video Email: Sending a video email works like you would do it now with Youtube or another service. Just record the video in LionDesk, save the title, description, and tag it.  It will then be available to use in a one to one email to your contact, in a drip, or to multiple contacts.  When they open your email they’ll see your video directly embedded and be able to click to watch.

Video Text: Sending a video text is just as easy!  Just record the Text video (20 seconds or less), save it, tag it and send it to one or many contacts at a time.  When it gets to your client or lead, it shows up as an inline text message (NOT just a link to a video page) creating an instant connection.

#3 Monitor all your running campaigns

It’s important to monitor all of your call, text, or email campaigns because it’s a representation of your effective communication and follow up. With LionDesk you are able to create drip campaigns to communicate with past and new leads to stay top-of-mind throughout the year and more. It’s easy as 1-2-3

  1. Create the content templates  
  2. Create the campaign flow
  3. Add contacts to the campaign 

Pro Tip: Take advantage of Shared Drip Campaigns that are available to all LionDesk users… they are a lifesaver! There are hundreds of shared drip campaigns created by the LionDesk community.

#4 Reporting is very crucial to see what’s working and what’s not

Take advantage of the reporting page inside the LionDesk dashboard. It will give you insight into how your leads are interacting with your marketing campaigns. Inside the reporting, you will see various graphs that chart new contacts, automate lead sources, and contact communication.  To help you understand better what each lead prefers via communication. This will help you build a better relationship and life long clients!

For quick reference, save the image below or share it on your social media!

How to grow your business with a CRM

PRO TIP:  Find ways to communicate with your clients and have your CRM do all the following up for you so that you can use your extra time generating NEW LEADS! For Robert, it was utilizing video to communication with his database and sending videos via email or via text to build the relationship and reach them all at once.

If you’re not a LionDesk user, try it free for 30 days just click on the link below to be a have success generating leads and closing leads faster in your business like Robert.

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