Using Texting For Marketing

Texting through LionDesk allows you to keep all communication in one place. LionDesk captures any sent emails, texts, website activity, and more!

Instead of jumping between your phone and your computer, you will see it all in LionDesk! Plus when sending mass text messages, LionDesk will send each contact an individual text message. Your contacts will not see who else received your text message. 

Research shows that SMS open rates are as high as 98%, compared to just 20% of all emails. 

Watch this 6 min video of Jason Pantana sharing texting tips and a live demo on how you can scale your marketing inside LionDesk.

Watch this quick 30 second Live Demo of how texting works inside LionDesk to make your marketing communication different from your competitors.

Mass Text Tip

With LionDesk, you can also send a Mass or Bulk Text Message to a group of contacts at once! 

This is a great way to connect with your contacts and stay top of mind. Whether you are sending a holiday text message or sharing a video, you can mass texts your contacts and save time!

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