If video is not part of your sales and marketing strategy you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

The good news is “it’s not too late to start”!

Video is the quickest way to build trust. Whether you’re reaching out to long time client or a new lead, sending a personalized video is sure to get a positive response.

Here’s a few tips for using LionDesk’s Video feature in your business:

Record your video just as you would leave a voicemail message.

Short, polite and to the point. The added benefit of seeing your face and hearing your voice is that it uses all the senses so the viewer immediately hears you, sees you and most importantly feels connected to you.

Send video via text for greatest response

What makes sending Video from LionDesk unique is that the Video plays DIRECTLY inside the TEXT. That means the viewer doesn’t have to click a link or leave your text message to view your video. It’s a GAME CHANGER

Use video to direct to other communication pieces

Sending a quick video via text letting your contact know you just sent them an email increases the open rate of your email. With so many emails being sent and received these days a multi-channel communication approach makes a huge difference.

Here’s why video is important in your sales and marketing strategy:

90% of content consumed in 2020 is video

We are all used to viewing content these days. It allows us to quickly understand and feel the messages without having to read text or make assumptions about what the enoji you decided to add really means.

Video is the quickest way to build trust

Sending a video humanizes your message. It allows the viewer to see you, hear you and feel your energy, thus building trust. Without trust there is no relationship. And for most of us we are in the business of building relationships.

Video separates you from the competition

We are all receiving messages from people wanting to do business with us. But most of those messages are templated and very little include a personalized video. Including a video in your email gets notice. HOT TIP: Write the name of your contact on a small whiteboard and hold it up in the first frame of your video. Seeing their name is sure to make them click to view your message.

If you’re not a LionDesk user yet here’s a link to get a free 30 day trial