Have you been to the LionDesk Marketplace yet?

It’s where you can find all sorts of NEW features, services, and integrations including the newest service – done for you lead generation by The Social Agent.

Marketplace is THE PLACE to really power up your LionDesk platform!

For example: If you’re looking for someone to set up or manage your LionDesk system for you… Go to Marketplace! There, you’ll find options for concierge done for you services.

Or maybe you’re looking for ways to generate leads with LionDesk… Go to Marketplace! There, you’ll find information and links for creating Facebook Ads or Connecting Your Database List to Facebook directly from your LionDesk account.

Even if you are a consistent user of LionDesk we want to put your knowledge to the test. Here are five things you may not know about LionDesk Marketplace…

  1. It’s where you can find great integration tools like Google Sheets to streamline your contact management
  2. It’s where you can find great offers from partners like Union Street Media to save up to $1,000 off a premium website
  3. It’s where you can find concierge services like The Social Agent for complete done-for-you lead generation.
  4. It’s where you can find new feature introductions from LionDesk like Power Dialer, Ad Portal for lead generation, and AI Lead Assist text follow up.
  5. You can easily search by: email marketing, lead generation, lead conversion, direct integrations, websites, transaction management, services and more

For a nice visual overview, check out this video from our Head of Marketing, Marni!

Ready to explore? Check out the Marketplace now!

The Marketplace is constantly being updated with new integrations, features and services so be sure to bookmark it and visit it often to take advantage of everything being a part of LionDesk offers you.

Want a quick cheat sheet of these 5 things? Download or share this quick guide: