Next up on our 5 Things You May not Know series are a few quick tips and tricks about Facebook Ad Portal!

We’ve been getting some great feedback and use cases about this powerful tool. Do you know everything you can do with it? Let’s put your knowledge to the test!

1. You Can Run a Lead Generation Ad

LionDesk lead ads are essentially promoted forms. These forms allow marketers to capture details from customers while offering opportunities to connect with agents, loan officers, and small business owners. 

When the possible lead clicks on your ad, they are presented with a form that’s pre-populated with information from their Facebook profile. The rest can be completed with just a few easy clicks then your lead gets sent to your preferred website destination and LionDesk captures the form information to create a contact.

Did you know you can build an efficient follow-up plan with features such as Lead Assist and Drip Campaigns to turn these leads into customers for life?

Learn How to Run a Lead Gen Ad

2. You Can Run an Ad Promoting Single or Multiple Listings

Did you know that you can run an ad to a specific audience with either single or multiple listings?

You can advertise Real Estate Listings easily by using a pre-loaded blueprint which will be filled with the information from the MLS listing connected with LionDesk. For Single Real Estate Listing the ad will pull in listing information and images to highlight 1 listing & For Multiple Real Estate Listing the ad will pull in images to highlight multiple properties.

Sometimes, a single listing is a great option for an ad. It focuses your audience on one listing and allows you to promote one really great listing (or a listing that needs more eyes on it).

Learn How to Create a Single Listing Ad

There are some scenarios in which you would like to promote multiple listings. Perhaps you have a group of listings that would target a similar audience. In this scenario, you should absolutely promote multiple listings in one ad.

Learn How to Promote Multiple Listings

3. You Can Run an Ad With Your Own Image or Video

If you have your own library of images and videos, what better way to utilize them than Facebook Ads? This would give you a competitive advantage by giving you something unique and original to use.

Taking your own images of listings is tough, but there are other great scenarios in which to use your own images. Perhaps you have a testimonial about you specifically, put it together as an image and promote it to your target audience, or your own headshot to get your face out there!

Here’s how to create your own image ad

Alternatively, video ads are also a powerful tool. Some great use cases for using your own videos are listing walkthroughs where you showcase your personality as well as the property, or just talk to the camera about a few listings you’re excited about.

Real Estate is all about relationships, if you can get a video of yourself out to a wider audience, you’ll build those relationships on a larger scale.

Learn How to Create Your Own Video Ad

Be sure to complete your sales funnel with LionDesk when you begin generating new leads.

4. You Can Run Ads to Generate Traffic

In many of our advertising efforts, we tend to focus solely on lead capture. Lead capture is essential, but generating traffic is also extremely important.

More traffic to your business website means more opportunities for increased profitability and brand recognition to turn visitors into customers. More traffic helps increase the ranking of your company website in search engines, which increases your online discoverability.

Traffic generating ads could go farther for a lower budget as well because there’s less of a barrier to entry, since you’re not asking leads to fill out their info to learn more. Instead, you’re building trust and familiarity by offering some ungated content.

Create Your Own Ad to Generate Traffic

5. You Can Use Your Own Custom Audience List + a Prebuilt List!

A large component of running an effective Facebook Ad is your target audience. Ask yourself this question: Who do you want to see your ads?

With the LionDesk Ad Portal, you can target your contact database. You can use our advanced filtering system to create static lists and target your contacts based on tags, hotness levels and more! You can target your ads to your buyers, sellers, and hot leads on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. You can create a custom audience from your contact database and connect them to your Facebook Ads.

Learn How to Create Custom Audiences for Facebook Ads

In Summary

Let’s review what we’ve just learned. Here’s a summarized image for you to print or share!

Facebook Ad Portal Tips

Ad Creative Text Tips & Best Practices 

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